My flight to London is about to depart SFO. While I am in the air, please examine the first character of every Mastodon git commit, which forms the base16 encoded address for a security deposit box in Geneva. It contains the plans, passports and equipment you will need to overthrow all other social networks by the time I land.

Good luck! Mastodon Victorious!


I'm as well now, in a vain effort to help reduce the hug-to-death factor

can we chill a bit with the yelling at devs yeah? I'm sure people know that vertical and horizontal federated scale are needed...

Friends, @Gargron's going to have to scale up to support this crazy (and awesome) spike in new users. Let's pay the man:

(Also consider new instances, etc, but we all know's going to get most of the growth for the time being.)

@Gargron There's a big french tech site that just did a news post about Mastodon. Brace yourself :

I am so ready to be home, visiting parents (especially now that they don't live where I grew up) sucks so hard

I think people are accidentally posting without censoring. When you post a picture, you have to add the photo and THEN select "NSFW" so that it's hidden for it to be out of view. (cw does not do it!)

Like this:

If you're new to Mastodon, here are the rules:
- you must speak French for half your posts
- Canadians can earn bilingualism credits here
- the punchline for your joke must be obscured by a CW
- a tweet is called a toot, the past tense of "toot" is "twoth" and the plural is "twoot"
- follow @TootBot to keep up-to-date on Mastodon news and developments

If only there were some sort of mechanism for employees to organize to protect themselves from a hostile employer 🤔 a "uniting," a "unifying," idk I'm sure y'all can think of a snappy term

It seems like a lot of birdsite people who haven't spun up an account over here have similar complaints, and most of them are basically resolved with "run an instance for your social circle."

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