The All India Tanzeem Ulama-e-Islam, a religious & social organisation headed by five senior clerics, has issued a fatwa to boycott Chinese products in the country.

The clerics said community members stand with the army and country in this hour.


HELP! Guys I am in immediate need of plasma donors for a COVID +ve patient in Delhi. If you know any NGOs, labs, hospitals etc who can help - please reach out to me in DMs or text on +919319659030


Hatt BC, Ye toots aliens language mein kyo aa rhe 😤


In another country, this would have been investigated by the police as to how did this woman 'leave her body' and the person responsible for it would have been serving a long jail sentence.


How Muslim-Majority Nuh Overcame the COVID-19 Challenge Post April's Spike in Cases

A lawyer letter highlights how confidence building measures and involving community leaders helped counter rumours and improve testing, containment and treatment.


Clever By Half & Bewildered, Asking Questions To GOI & It's Agencies (Intelligence, AAI, Police etc)

मुल्क के बाहर से लोग आए..Who gave them Visa?

अपने साथ कोरोना लाए. उन्होंने इसे छिपाया. ना जाने कितनों तक पहुँचाया..How they entered without Test at the Airport?

Sanghis: How dare Muslims do azaan every day it is so noisy and disturbing!

Also sanghis: Crackers, Nashik dhol, half an hour of thali-chamach because let us appreciate doctors by violating social distancing.

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