Right, so ... just to be clear: you accidentally reformatted this hard drive and it contained the only copy of all your PhD data... :gnikniht: :blobderpy:


@quokka We live here, in this nightmare almost every day. It isn't as bad as this, but... backup your data. Send it to the cloud. Get a handful of memory sticks.

Print everything out. Copies, versions, stick stuff in github...

Make unlisted Pastes in Pastebin...

Just recalling all the little nooks and crannies that I've used when doing something really important.

My sympathies, that's really all I got. :(

@Bluedepth yes absolutely and I try to impress this on all our students and postdocs!

I think a large part of the problem also lies with our College, who don't offer any research data storage or support and certainly no kind of back-up management. In this particular case, the student amassed about 20 TB overall, which is not a trivial amount to expect one person to have to manage on their own.

@quokka 20TB! OH MY GOD! They should have been grabbed and handled and __managed__. All data is precious, but 20TB! Makes my head swim.

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