@em LOL. Well, now that the kimono is all wet we can see the gnarly dangly bits. That's dismaying. But, did anyone really expect anything different?


@em It was a euphemism for the revelation. When someone reveals something that probably was intended to remain private, sometimes you can say you got a peek under the kimono. In this case, something dismaying about Netflix, and a wet kimono would cling to everything and you'd not really see anything, but nothing is left to the imagination either, cause wet silk clings.

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@Bluedepth huh, that seems like a pretty sexist euphemism!

@em Probably. It appears a lot in the financial sector as "Open the Kimono" so yeah, rather sexual, likely sexist. 99 'ists on the wall, take one down, pass it around, 98 ists left on the wall.

Someone will be upset at anything anyone else does. Welcome to the Internet. LOL.

@sturmflut @em Jack Black did a great bit on A House With A Clock In It's Walls, featuring a kimono. So... yay for movie references. :)

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