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Just a reminder, if you like cool patterns and adult colouring books/pages please take a look at my Snowflakes Colouring Book:

You can download the high-res PDF with 30 designs for FREE or Pay-What-You-Want!

And every purchase/download has access to future updates with more patterns for free! :)

(Boosts/shares appreciated!)

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Thanks to meteorologist Jeff Porter for showing my photo of a Pine Siskin visiting our brave and battered feeder on Jeff's morning weather report for WWMT-Channel 3, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

A Pine Siskin just visited our feeder. Last fall/winter we didn't see one until late January. Most years we don't get them at all. (Michigan, USA)

I hope to see some Snowy Owls again this winter. Here's one from November 2017 at Muskegon Wastewater System, sitting on the side of gravel road.

Today's backyard birds included White-throated Sparrow, Brown Creeper, Pileated Woodpecker, Golden-crowned Kinglet, and this little Red-breasted Nuthatch. (Lowell, Michigan, USA)

Unusual tri-colored sand, Van Buren State Park beach, southwestern Michigan. First year I've ever seen it at this beach.

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This is my husbands chocolate female Coy she is a Bella Savage daughter an full sister is Bratt and Britt. Coy is a 3/4 masked chocolate with a neck spot on the left side.

Colored sand at Van Buren State Park beach in southern Michigan. The black is from the mineral “magnetite” and the red is from the mineral “hematite.”

Ferocious log alligator, Van Buren State Park, Michigan.

We briefly had a Red-breasted Nuthatch in our yard yesterday. We have the White-breasted Nuthatches all year, but we rarely get a visit from this guy. (West Michigan, USA)

One of 2,500 species of North American leafhoppers. More than this, I do not know. This guy is about 1/4" (8mm) long.

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You do realize, I hope, that the equinox does not mean we all need to be equally noxious.

Little blue damselfly perched on a blade of grass.

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Hey, everyone! I'm still available for sketchy and colourful icon portrait commissions!

- $50 CAD each (~$39 USD) (Payment accepted through Square)
- 2500 x 2500 px. high res JPG file to make your own resizes
- Procreate time-lapse video of your avatar being created

If you're interested, please get in touch! Email would be best: rheall [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you! (Boosts hella appreciated!)

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