My achievement this morning was pissing this heron off

Annoyed this bird in the morning.

(This would be some kind of... sparrow? How do I tell what kind? There are about thirty different kinds of sparrow found around here and to someone uninitiated like me this is quite bewildering a variety of sparrows!)

@sajith I took a wild guess that you are in the Great Lakes area. So that eliminated sparrows from elsewhere in the country. The habitat is a field or meadow (but not a grassland), and that made Song Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow, and Field Sparrow probable. The bird has a clear face, no marking. That immediately made me lean toward Field Sparrow, and it's the juveniles that have the really 'blank' face. I'd have to see more photos to make sure, but that's my best guess right now.

@BobTarte @sajith this was an excellent explanation of your method, thank you for sharing!


@knippy @sajith Just to plug myself, I wrote a book on how I learned to find and identify birds, which University of Michigan Press published in 2016. It's called FEATHER BRAINED and, like my other three books, it's intended to be funny (but also informative in a sneaky, low-key way).

@BobTarte @sajith ENSLAVED BY DUCKS, I always knew they were up to no good!

@knippy @sajith It's a little known fact that pet ducks are very demanding!

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