Bumble bee about to land on jewelweed flower.

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@BobTarte Bob!! it's good to see you! This is a gorgeous photo

@checkervest Thanks so much, Alex. I was missing this place and thought I'd come back and check it out. It is so kind of you to say hello. I hope all is well with you.

@BobTarte it's been going okay! I missed seeing your photos. How've you been doing?

@checkervest I'm okay, too. I've been working on a new book about our animals called "What the Mink Stole - Painfully Obvious Lessons Learned from Pets, Wildlife, and Ghosts." It's a weird book. Fun to write.

@BobTarte ooh, that sounds really interesting, you'll have to let us know when it comes out!

@checkervest Maybe never! Don't know what agent or publisher will think. May have to self-publish along with a novel about a psychic coyote I finished. Thanks. Off to take a nap. Job was a bit stressful this AM.

@BobTarte that also sounds really neat! Have a good nap, hope you get some good rest!

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