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I just started starting your weekend by streaming music on so feel free to join me!

Best thing about monday? Not having to eat lunch without proper music support!

It’s friday and I’ll be streaming some again on Join me to get a headstart on the weekend!

It’s friday! \o/ That means that my Lunch Trance stream will start right on time at 11:00! Tune in to and get grooving/headbopping/shaking your booty!

Only 3 more minutes until episode 9 of In Case You Missed It! Tune in to or, join us on IRC (EfNet, ) or on Discord ( to chat!

I’m playing some music again, and I have some new visualization so head over to and marvel at the beauty of our planet!

My two favourite things in the world: lunch and trance! (and don’t tell my wife!)

“My lunch break is coming up but my Walkman broke this morning. Can you hook me up?” – Sure can:

Mir fällt gerade mal auf, wie unglaublich wenige Autos hier seit einiger Zeit die Straße entlang fahren… das kann gerne so bleiben!

Ich hab hier die ganze Zeit meine PMR-Funke auf Kanal 1 auf dem Tisch stehen, aber zumindest in ist völlig tote Hose auf dem Band. Schade!

I really like how in The Expanse all cities are low-key surrounded by large walls and water.

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