Have you ever heard a dog make dolphin noises?

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Ford's CEO just said on NPR that the future of profitability for the company is all the data from its 100 million vehicles (and the people in them) they'll be able to monetize. Capitalism & surveillance capitalism are becoming increasingly indistinguishable (and frightening).

@rand__althor Out of interest is your Switch one of the "Oh crap we shipped it with a major issue which makes hacking it a breeze!" models?

Well that was fun. Having to write to several government ministers to try and get my pain meds covered financially. Eating $200 a month in costs has basically murdered Christmas.

I so relate to Chris Nolan's Joker that it's... I'm not going to lie, quite liberating.

It makes me anxious when I see snapshots from peoples phones and see they have low batteries.

Why is the theme from Cagney and Lacey stuck in my head?

Good god I am so fucking tired of seeing the phrase “In App Purchases”.

when i have to watch UFC and the fighters are doing their entrances, i pretend they’re getting married and the ref is officiating the wedding

I have a Pen, I have an Apple... UHH! PENISAPPLE!

TIL they made a Showgirls 2, because of course they did. If ever there was a movie crying out for a sequel it was Showgirls.

I'm Driving Home for Christmas... God I love this song.

Saw you can buy pre-crumbled Cornflakes today. Something you can literally make with two fingers.

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