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Hello, my name is Jay, and this is my social/chatter account! I follow from this account. If you just want to see my art, follow me at mastodon.art/@Bonesnail though I will boost artposts from there.

Me: I need to draw some original stuff sometime!
Also Me: what if I drew every single one of the Expedition locations in Cultist Simulator?

Craig and I are working together on a thing and I’m EXCITED AS HELL. Maybe after this someday we can do our jokey coffee table book about dating extraterrestrials.

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Idea: badge commissions in the style of the Ainsworth Big John’s Cafe sign.

Debating if I should just bite my feelings about Stickermule because they're the only folks who do small orders of custom-cut magnets for the taur magnets. Maybe I can offset it by donating a % to charity? Did the old CEO get booted and they're ok to use now?

I'm still such a massive fan of Carlos The Scientist from Welcome to Night Vale. He was probably the first LGBT scientist character I had ever seen in media, and the first scientist character who had this unending love, curiosity, and optimism for the world, no matter how perilous things got. He gave me so much hope for my future when I was going through school.

When you’re under a shade tree and everything is cast under a green light

I've been told I'd probably also really like Vampire: The Masquerade.

Ok so Vampyr has some really, really cool and interesting ideas. As Dr. Acula you can go to the different districts and heal patients which improve district stability. Diseases can also spread through districts and they can degrade if the epidemic goes unchecked. This is so cool!

Vampyr looks interesting, seeing as you're a doctor during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Also, you're Dr. Acula.

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