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Hello, my name is Jay, and this is my social/chatter account! I follow from this account. If you just want to see my art, follow me at though I will boost artposts from there.

In The Hall of the Mountain King is still unironically one of my favorite songs.

Gonna go to Lincoln at the end of the month for borthday weekend!

Good morning everyone I heard an anime ghost say “Geocities” and since then I have not felt peace.

STICKERS HAVE ARRIVED! These will be for sale at and on our online store shortly after!

I also updated the Real Gayer sticker in Set B! Let's be real, this version of the Pride flag is objectively better.

Musing on stuff about story/theory crafting Show more

Musing on stuff about story/theory crafting Show more

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18-24 inches of snow forecasted for Thursday and Friday and boy howdy I really hope I’m not called in to drive to Valentine 45 miles away. Especially since they said “Blizzard Warning”

Urgh, trying to find forshortening and dynamic pose references is hard.

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Silly reasons to want a Ph.D. in something: Doctor is a gender-neutral honorific and thus completely sidesteps the question of gender.

Today's study was way out of my comfort zone, but I'm so happy how it turned out! I'm glad I pushed through!

#mastoart #art #study #vehicle #motorcycle #digital

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have the Lon Lon Egg in your
inventory, she ll trade you her
Ghastly Doll.
Take Maple's Ghastly Doll to
Spool Swamp and visit Mrs.

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