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Hello, my name is Jay, and this is my social/chatter account! I follow from this account. If you just want to see my art, follow me at though I will boost artposts from there.

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Onion must sniff the bean dragon (it’s filled with beans/seeds that you microwave)

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Most people in town have a bible verse on their wall so I need a good quote that can be attributed to Psalms 420:69

I want to learn sewing and get back into costume-making. And I’d love to contribute those skills and teach them to folks in town at the library makerspace!

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draw your fursona in this and actually go vote

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Local brat tries to sit on my sketchbook while I draw goats, interrupts selfie.

Farm friends! Buddy (who thinks my studies are tasty), the twins, and Nubbin! Not shown: a bajillion ducks and chickens, Molly (another goat), and the sweetest dogs ever.


What if there was an alien world, "singing" strange hymns as petals danced across the clouds, while vicious hunters dove with angelic grace? Contributors @Bonesnail & take us to a world that echoes the heavens in more ways than one.

#alien #scifi #specbio #speculativebiology #anthology

I saw a thread about Freddie Mercury’s life and legacy on birdsite today and I haven’t really talked about this much online; Queen is probably my biggest inspiration out of any piece of media. By far. I got into their music in high school. I even took a class all about Queen in my first semester of college! And Freddie continues to be a role model and inspiration to me.

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