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Hello, my name is Jay, and this is my social/chatter account! I follow from this account. If you just want to see my art, follow me at mastodon.art/@Bonesnail though I will boost artposts from there.

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Feelin' proud of myself that I was able to get a patient's insurance and our computer system to work so we could run all her meds with her real name instead of her deadname!

I need to practice gouache more, but I love how watercolor can be reactivated and I don't feel like I'm wasting it.

Hey fellow archaic pachyderms, my younger bro is looking to join the mastodon herd and is seeking an instance specifically focused on tabletop rpgs/wargames and the like. I could have sworn I saw talk of at least one such instance, but can't find it for the life of me. Can I get an assist, please? Replies and boosts much appreciated 🐘💖

HAHAHA I guess I'm going to be switching to Square or something. Frustrating Websites 2.0: twitter.com/BarkingMadsuits/st

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It was INCREDIBLY windy out by the dam today. Did a 4 mile walk! Saw a coyote and a bald eagle! The wind was whipping the water over the spillway.

So I finished Marielda and I need to lie down. And by lie down I mean start on Twilight Mirage. Friends At The Table is so good.

How to PIN multiple columns in web view to follow those all-important # feeds. Video starts from nothing just in case you delete everything by mistake. #Mastodon

Some ink WIP and sketchbook sections that I can show freely...

Very rarely I get to say "I'm watching Shrek 2 for artistic inspiration tonight."

Working on a commission of a D&D group in an Applebee's-esque tavern. I want to add fantasy burgers. I know burgers weren't around until the 1800s but do I make an old-style sandwich or go full Shrek and draw a straight up burger but it has like, fantasy meats?

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I drew this after I played Night in the Woods earlier this year, but I still think about this game a lot. In fact, I'm letting an LP run as I work.

"At least the universe still doesn't care"

#nightinthewoods #nitw #mastoart #creativetoots #videogames #traditionalmedia #watercolors #idontknowhowtagsworkhereso

Cat harness training update: Boo seems pretty much used to the harness, and Onion made progress by letting me drape the harness on them for 30 seconds! Very proud of the doofuses and how fast they're learning.