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Hello, my name is Jay, and this is my social/chatter account! I follow from this account. If you just want to see my art, follow me at though I will boost artposts from there.

Clarification on the local Pump and Pantry: the mascot is supposed to be a husky named Bones.

Some good news: when I hit that part of the art sinewave where things don't look good, I've trained myself to go "oh, well then this is something I want to practice!" instead of getting super down on myself.

Sneptember is a good month. Sheptember is an okay month. Snektember though is my personal favorite month.


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To whoever made the call to go with “Athletic wolf in bike shorts”, I salute you.

The cat’s outta the bag! Here are the two cards I illustrated for Pacific Arcana: Tumultus - The Sun and The Seven of Cups! You can actually buy the original inks of the latter as a part of the :

( )

JSYK, if you're a fan of Pacific Rim or of mechs v. kaiju type stuff in general, @pacificarcana is currently Kickstarting a lovely tarot deck based on PR: Uprising! Order here: Here are the two pieces I did for it, the 9 of Cups and the 5 of Pentacles!

Mastodon I need your opinion:

Crop circles being used as summoning circles

:smb_w::smb_h::smb_a::smb_t::blank: :smb_a:
:smb_n::smb_i::smb_g::smb_h::smb_t: :blank::smb_t::smb_o:
:smb_h::smb_a::smb_v::smb_e::blank: :smb_a:

On my way home I saw the biggest, sweetest old grandpa German Shepard and immediately thought of @Ace

#PSA: During the late unpleasantness I saw a lot of people saying stuff like "If only there were a way I could block specific words or phrases from my timelines... you know, like a filter!"

There *is*. It's under Preferences > Filters, and it will make your life better.

@Howlitzer aaaaa were you at Denfur? :D

If you're planning to go next year gimme a heads up when I start making badges and I'll hook you up with one!

Also great about the con: The MASSIVE quantity of wonderfully made “Nazi Furs F*ck Off” ribbons, buttons, and glow badges people were adorning themselves with.

Denfur had a final attendance of 2086 people, making it into the Top 10 largest cons, and also breaking the first year attendance record by 1.2k people! It was also an absolute smashing success!

I’m so happy. :D

Registration to is now open!

We're a small Mastodon based instance built for the non-binary community, allies and binary trans people are welcome to join also.

(Please boost to help build an audience).

Denfur has overall been very good! It’s good seeing friends and the dance comp was phenomenal!

I’m kinda altitude sick (I get affected by altitude super easily) so my energy is dampened somewhat but very good!

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