@Bonesnail Wow. Where is that gas station? Regional chain?

@Bonesnail you know, I always think that business with anthro characters have no idea, but this... feels deliberate

@k if they sold garlic knots in the pizza section it would be a dead giveaway.

@Bonesnail I see you and raise you

(Exit 12, I-88, the interstate highway that doesn't connect between states)

@SallyStrange @Bonesnail
Have your boobs ever been so powerful that they became three dimensional

@Bonesnail how many local furries do you think have commissioned NSFW art of this mascot?

@Bonesnail I live in NE too! I’m actually at the one in Bellevue a lot.

@Bonesnail you ever look at something and just go "oh dear" and despite knowing FULL WELL what it might cause, you have to share it on too becuase you just know, you KNOW, it's gonna elicit the same reaction from others??

this is one of those things.

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