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๐ŸŒฟJay H.๐ŸŒฟ (chatter account) @Bonesnail

@irisjaycomics I was just thinking about how RPO is gonna chicken out on acknowledging the existence of furries in its cyberspace world, thus further cementing your comic as the most accurate depiction of the internet.

@Bonesnail all i'm saying is, if you say that people can be * A N Y T H I N G * in cyberspace and you're NOT going to show ANYONE in there who's playing anything other than a human, y'all can pack up your shit and go home

@irisjaycomics @Bonesnail I mean shit I wanna think that even Neal "oh buddy I have got some PROBLEMS" Stephenson pointed out the idea of nonhuman avs as far back as Snow Crash

not that they were important to the story but

@irisjaycomics I read this as I chortle and conjure up some Hot Takes while designing an OC that's an Unsettling Horse.