tech support, tech dps, tech tank, and tech healer

every mcu rottentomatoes score is 10 points higher than it should be except for iron man 1

"police unions threatening mass resignations over vaccine mandates"

*willy wonka voice* no stop dont go

I think 9/11 could have been prevented via crypto, the blockchain, etc.

downloading a 'sex app' and getting horny and wild on public transport

being a white european isnt a personality

Capitalism enables fascism. Because it consolidates power in the hands of a few select people who own a lot of capital.

Never trust authority, they don't give a fuck about you.

You know what book/movie holds up? Fight Club. The idea that a bunch of idiots would fall into fascism out of dissatisfaction, alienation, and a need for human contact that they don't have the emotional tools to satisfy in a sane fashion is ... prescient.

I didn't realize reeses pieces were just peanut butter with a candy coating
fuck that shit who eats that crap

I don't think space exploration at this stage should be commercialized. If we're going to explore the universe, we need to do it for the sake of science and improving life on earth, not for billionaires to make even more money.

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