The conclusion of the pencil test is that I'll be doing ink washes instead. So I added more work to my plate but hopefully I'll learn light/dark values well enough that I can work on adding hues in the future.

Blarg, so I tried my little pencil test and realized that they only contribute texture to a drawing if I was leaning how to draw the subject on the spot. If I know what I'm drawing then my pencils are sparse.

The original idea for this comic was to be a throw back to b&w adventure pulps. The problem is that I've spent long enough trying to replicate that style without actually producing any work. So this project has been a learning experience about using the tools and skills that I have to make something close to what I want.

I know this was an issue for me in the past. I had a fine arts prof. tell me that my strength is in my pencils. I'm thinking I might do a few test inkings were I remove the hue from my blue pencils and selectively ink over that.

So I finished penciling my 13 page comic and begun inking. I'm finding that panels that I made with "22 panels" in mind still look good after inking. The rest feel barren without the texture of the pencils.

With all that said I'm enjoying that in the Foundation books written in the 80s Asimov is describing the challenges telepathic communication like its a computer network protocol.

So Asimov’s original Foundation Trilogy are books of the 50s but i feel they lack an element of timelessness that stories from the Robot series written in the 50s have.

I've been reading Asimov’s Robots/Empire/Foundation series in chronological order with the exception of the Foundation prequels and The End of Eternity going last.

I finished reading Asimov’s Second Foundation the other day and found it a slog but a satisfying ending to the original Foundation Trilogy. I started Foundation's Edge and I'm all excited again.

Originally I wanted to physically ink it but only if I could figure out a way to scan my pencils and print a separate blue line page to ink. I couldn't get my printer to print in blue (or any other color) consistently.

I'm also doing this in Clip Studio Paint. So I'm trying to figure out the brush I want to use.

So last week I attempted to create a comic. I managed to get as far as penciling a 13 or 14 page short story. This week I'm taking my time to figure out the style of the inks. I want it to look like an old b&w pulp but does that mean ink washes or heavy hatching?

Cheese and crackers, I managed to get a comic strip out today on

I didn't think I would this week.


I also identify as tired. I try to make comics but mostly doodle on post-it notes. I've been at this web stuff since 1999. Read into that as you will.

Mastodon is like Casablanca in that it is full of people fleeing the Nazis to the bar run by a disillusioned-yet-attractive @Gargron / Humphrey Bogart

Does anyone else feel disassociated from their drawings style? I'm confounded by mine. I'm shooting for a ligne claire x indie vibe but I'm falling closer to Disney Afternoon. I mean I know how its happening but still.

Toot toot. I wonder how long I'm going to find that amusing.

Wait sleep isn't cumulative? I have to rethink some life choices.


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