Question for all your creatives out there.

What music do you listen to while you work?
Any playlists that get the juices flowing?
How do you get into Productive Mood?

@BoricuaDesiree Sometimes, I just use and sometimes I use a track from a brain entrainment CD.

Which is both using the entrainment AND using classical conditioning, which one of my writing classes in high school taught us to do. If you always listen to this music when you write, you will always write when you listen to this music. Basically.

@Magess Ooooh I hadn't heard that before but I like it. Thanks!

@BoricuaDesiree I can't do anything with words. For awhile it was electronic music, lately Spotify has been producing Discover Weekly playlists that really work for me.

@BoricuaDesiree silence when I'm writing but editing, lettering or anything else or if I'm stuck I'll listen to a whole range of dance stuff from Iggy Pop to Timbaland, sometimes Bhangra, or old house music.

@AmyChu This is legit the oldest reply in my history of old "why did you take so long to reply Des" replies but thanks for the recs! I love old house music. I can't sit in silence it freaks me out. I start to get paranoid about the sounds I hear around me haha

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