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@AmyChu This is legit the oldest reply in my history of old "why did you take so long to reply Des" replies but thanks for the recs! I love old house music. I can't sit in silence it freaks me out. I start to get paranoid about the sounds I hear around me haha

Watching Yugioh trying to get out of this head funk. This show is so ridiculous and over the top it never fails to brighten my mood.

@Magess Ooooh I hadn't heard that before but I like it. Thanks!

I'm quiet on Twitter cause Twitter has stans and stans are scary.

I'm much more comfy here.

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Patience is a virtue.

I'm grateful I learned that early on in my creative life. Letting stories marinate, percolate, or even simmer on a low brain heat is the best way to really bring them to life. I don't like to force a narrative when I can let it flow naturally by just giving it a bit of time to formulate. There will always be a time and space for my thoughts to exist πŸ’–

Also, I'm racing no one.

@Definitelyvita I haven't figured out how to post gifs on here yet but picture a super excited kitten and that's me right now for you

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everyone I'm following, natch! But here are a few people in particular who are posting a lot of great stuff: @Trungles @Inkskratch @angrygirLcomics @chuckwendig @stevelieber

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@angrygirLcomics now I have this song stuck in my head. Where's your stage and lights Wendy break'em out.

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Question for all your creatives out there.

What music do you listen to while you work?
Any playlists that get the juices flowing?
How do you get into Productive Mood?

@honestlyjon Dude this is why I go on constant Twitter disappearances. Sometimes it's just to much. I haven't gotten in the swing of things here but I'm liking the atmosphere so far.

@Oheysteenz you're gonna get me all obsessed with this new thing aren't you? Dangit steenz πŸ˜‚

I'm excited to be apart of this new platform. Thanks to @Oheysteenz for highlighting this platform.

It'll take me a bit to figure it all out so be patient with me. 😘

Sidenote: I love all the emoji options πŸ’–

@transcomics what's the differences with the @ names? I feel old and out of the loop lol

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I did some drawings today. I've been on such a drawing vacation since I finished the book; so this felt nice to draw.

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Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm a cartoonist! More professional, art- and writing-related posting will happen over at Portfolio:

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@Oheysteenz girl what and how I am old and slow lol