Hey! You're good and cute sweet and nice and good and I hope your brain is doing the thing with the good chemicals or whatever bc you're rad you deserve to have a good day and stuff!

I cant believe someone replied to that last selfie saying that I dress like an edgy middle schooler. Just... Just ignore that today I'm wearing a cheap collar and a shirt with my favourite video game from when I was like ten.

Talking boys into wearing dresses like "You know Kurt Cobain wore dresses, right? You'd look so cool in one." then hitting em with the "You know Cobain was really obviously trans, right? Do you think you might be too? Either way wanna try these hormones just to see how it feels?"

Theres a huge difference between just being sexual and open about your sexuality vs being sexual at someone in a targeted way and making sexual advances. So many of you struggle with that distinction though in so many different ways.

You'll never be perfect bc nobody is, but you gotta keep trying to be a good person anyways.

Like how butts will always have limits, but you still gotta keep trying with bigger and bigger toys.

Does getting fisted make you a good person? That's not what I was saying, but maybe.

Wanting to date a cis? Being a cis? Better believe those are sicknesses. Pathologize em.

Wanting a hot trans milf to kidnap you and force you to take hrt every day so that you get prettier and prettier while her and her guests use your holes though? That's just human nature.

Cis women are perverts.

Exhibit A: They wear women's clothing. Only a pervert would wear women's clothing. Such gender fetishists.

I wanna be tied up and left on a mattress in a basement somewhere. And I want you to come use me as often as you want.

Old pic of me hangin out with Rook before the first Black Dresses show.

I wanna cuddle fuck a girl. Just like get all nice and cozy in bed at night with her and hump her insides while she's gagged and blindfolded and cuffed and collared.

Girls are so hot. If you're a girl then you should let me pose you like a doll and jerk off to you.

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