I wanna cuddle fuck a girl. Just like get all nice and cozy in bed at night with her and hump her insides while she's gagged and blindfolded and cuffed and collared.

Girls are so hot. If you're a girl then you should let me pose you like a doll and jerk off to you.

Walks into a church like wow what's with all this neon genesis evangelion shit you fuckin anime nerds.

I never posted these selfies. So I'm posting them now. Remember when it was summer and warm outside???

Ignore the mess and just appreciate how pretty this dress is and how nice my boobs look in it.

Every day spent at the Black Dresses house is a day spent craving chicken balls in the cup (3,99 for 10 pcs).

Yeah, I got a shirt with a picture of Bailey Jay on it. Yeah, I pulled this blanket over my junk because I was too lazy to put pants on for this selfie. What about it?


When's GameStop gonna start stocking up on buttplugs? I never game without one and I can't imagine why any real gamer would.

I'm gonna stop telling people I'm horny and start saying "my nymphomania is acting up again" instead.

Being a trans girl means going from havin like a weeks worth of plain white hole filled socks in your underwear drawer to having a dedicated sock drawer that desperately needs sorting bc it's overflowing with striped knee highs and junk and it's becoming difficult to find things.

I got a shirt with a picture of my own tiddies on it! We're truly living in such an amazing era!

You can get your own (pre censored version) of the shirt over here: teepublic.com/user/boringkate

The term "code monkey" is weird bc most of the coders I know are cat girls or maybe foxes. Never met a programmer with a monkey fursona.

When Susan Stryker talks about trans history: The Compton's Cafeteria riot was-

When I talk about trans history: So Bailey Jay was in line at an anime convention when-

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