I got banned from berries.space for having a joke about babyfurs on my twitter bio

Do you ever wish you didn't have to sleep? That you could spend every day living and loving the magic around you, the echos, the quiet sounds.

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dreams! cloudy fragmented magic illusions

when we were kissing you bit my tongue off

I remember the time I managed to envelop my entire body around you and it was like you were wearing me like a cocoon

I get high off of being nice to my friends

They don't say It is true, but the food hills, the "Dessert" is cold to the touch :)

This is what Humans need More Of To Be, rolling hills of Baby Food and Gentle Indulgence. The Simple wants of Society.

Is there an instance for biology/entomology or even just pictures of animals that doesn't just limit to stuff like dogs and cats and allows me to regularly post the larvae I'm working with and gush about maggots n worms

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