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Here's a hot tip when working with reporters. Don't mix these two things:

1) Overt familiarity
2) Making it obvious that you never ever read that reporter's work (and didn't even try to check before writing)

Drawings online are converging toward a single unified style

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If shortbread is so good why isn't it longer

Maybe all your progressive bogeyman just reflect a world trying to adjust to the Age of Reason coming up short?

Remember Google Reader? I don't think you REALLY want it back
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You can't anticipate how the world will change after the coronavirus but it's worth trying to do it anyway:

I'm a generally progressive person.
It is common for generally progressive people to say something like "money is an illusion"
It's not, tho, and I contend that it's not progressive to talk that way:

I've started keeping a log of how blogs and independent sites are talking about COVID-19

If you don't want strangers to reply to you I have no clue why you're on social media but whatever

Elizabeth Warren is the frontrunner for my heart

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