Have they made more than eleven next-gen consoles and graphics cards and CPUs yet?

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My sister found that the snapchat filters work on guineapigs

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Hey and - what tools do you use to A) create personas and B) share personas?

(No need to discuss the merit of personas, I'm more interested in workflow. Not a persona making designer? then what about storyboards or user journeys?)

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Confidence is not about “not caring what anyone thinks,” it’s choosing the right people’s opinions to care about, and blocking out the rest.

Example? If you don't care about what your partner thinks, or your kids think...you're just a terrible human.

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The dialogue while Spider-Man pets the cat (also named Spider-Man) appears to be a reference to a real-life bodega cat, who also takes a pet like no problem.

I really want Apple to offer a black and gold color option for the iPhone

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Oh yea I found them🙌🏾🙌🏾That’s how me @Timbaland was able to DRIVE TO THE BEACH top down SEE MY PEEPS🤣🤣😂 twitter.com/wigu/status/132700

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“Million Maga March”
“Blue Lives Matter”

All they do is mimic movements started by black people twitter.com/thehill/status/132

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