I keep trying to make pour over coffee and it’s horrible. I’m just gonna buy an old school coffee maker. 😭

Design peeps. Anyone have experience implementing a design or illustration system? Can I ask a few questions.

Adobe portfolio is a lil buggy. Every attempt I’ve made to upload as failed.

Condola calling so much has me a little concerned she might be expecting.

I was so worried about Issa’s purse. Thank goodness it showed back up.

They have trapped this group in Minnesota and they have been peaceful. WTH.

Was just wondering this
RT @danabrams
A number of you asking where is tonight. Thank you . . . as we announced on Saturday at the end of the show, we are taking a two week hiatus and back on June 5. . .

Lana is holding out for a credit card. Instead she got that on call phone 🤣

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