Someone did a pretty high resolution 3D scan of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond covered in tags and shrines and memorials and it's incredibly beautiful. I'm so glad this model exists and that it's high resolution enough to read most of the tags and text!

Once again I need to sell turnips. I’m scared they are gonna rot

Where did the time go? I feel like I was just thinking about breakfast 30 minutes ago.

I still have those frozen Girl Scout cookies, but i think I’m going to hold onto them for a bit longer.

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Is it ridiculous that I have frozen junk food for emergencies?

I made the mistake of giving express scripts a try. Never again.

Downloading this for the car immediately.
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Mannnn when I say I’m about to play this shit in my car

I’m really curious about why people use emojis w/ a skin tone that’s obviously not their own. I mean I know... but I wanna ask people that do it. Why are you using it in a text?

I keep trying to make pour over coffee and it’s horrible. I’m just gonna buy an old school coffee maker. 😭

Design peeps. Anyone have experience implementing a design or illustration system? Can I ask a few questions.

Adobe portfolio is a lil buggy. Every attempt I’ve made to upload as failed.

Condola calling so much has me a little concerned she might be expecting.

I was so worried about Issa’s purse. Thank goodness it showed back up.

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