Hearing people talk about Brave and @BrendanEich and money and crypto currency, which is nice, speaking as a wholly brave user on phone for many months now. I need to read up and understand why it's some newly invented currency they're using, though, and decide what I think about that

@sil @BrendanEich I don't know but can guess they use a block chain instead of relying on ip... which is kinda good privacy wise.


@shellkr @sil Blockchain is good for low-trust/most-decentralized protocols. Anything to do with atomic user data must stay on device, and aggregating with diff-privacy is tricky.

So we're building opt-in-only, private ad matching (browser downloads list ad URLS + metadata per URL, local M/L matches) for ad placement in user-private slots. To confirm ads, we're extending the ZKP anonize.org-based ledger system I mentioned a minute ago.

We want ZKP-on-blockchain when feasible; not yet.

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@BrendanEich @sil You have a link on further info? This sounds like more secure way of distributing ads... but why stop at ads? Why not do something similar to or even adopt Zeronet?

@shellkr @sil basicattentiontoken.org/. Not looking to do content distribution since that isn't main funding mechanism of so-called "free web". In time much is possible, but scope creep remains the enemy ;-).

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