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@vruz @Brian I'm on side, believe me. For decentralized YouTube, try BitChute,, others. Something will win.

What I'm suggesting is not to get on the wrong side of the Multiplication Principle. Two low-odds events that must both happen for a further outcome to be possible mean you multiply those ratios to get an even tinier fraction. Avoid! Work in ||.

Small Rat Head Transplant Onto Bigger Rat:

Burns: Perhaps you're wondering why you have two heads. Well, my body was crushed, so I had my head grafted onto your, shall we say, ample frame.
Homer: [trying to stay calm] I can wake up. It's all a dream. It's just a dream.
Burns: Oh, that's right. It's all a dream... Or is it? [laughs diabolically]

(Treehouse of Horror II)

Well, it's that time of year again, #infosec -

Go and get your DBIR report, filled with such gems as "Figure 2 shows a downtick in the percentage of breaches involving external actors, which causes a corresponding
increase in internal actors"


@alexduf Yes, incrementalism is best plan, almost always. But Firefox's share is flat and may decline; Chrome is a well-funded beast with layers of distribution deals behind it. In this context, any incremental plan to put Servo components into Gecko runs risk of resulting in a hybrid engine that lacks enough market share in its host browser to keep devs testing against it. That happened with Opera Presto, so in 2013 Opera switched to chromium/Blink. Presto was good, didn't matter.

I'd love to switch to Servo from chromium/Blink, but it just isn't ready, and to get ready it'd need a big sponsor to push it through multi-release-channel QA in a new product, until it grows sufficient webcompat and/or it enteres new domains embedding web content (AR/VR?) that can relax their webcompat de-facto requirements enough to allow it to compete.

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Lest people think that I'm talking my own book (Brave) on birdsite with:

I'm convinced that the only way to get enough market share to QA and promote an alternative browser engine in near term is via higher-level user value propositions that lead to new standards for anonymous identity/payments/ads. Engine diversity matters more or less as technology & economics shift. We're in a "less" phase. Have to sow, grow, and reap for the season.

☑ Discover Homographs
☑ Formulate Evil Plan
☑ Register Malicious URL
☑ Acquire SSL Certificate
❌ Defeat

Not today 🦁

I've been struggling to enable https on my Mastodon instance, but finally figured it out. Here's a quick step by step guide on adding SSL:

#webdev #mastodon

Scientists are planning on bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction.

And they say Mastodon is dead in the water!

@tchambers With enough user agents (browsers, games, messengers -- any attention-based app embedding a webview) on board, it could happen. Needs collective bargaining power to overcome relying party and user adoption barriers that felled Persona.

Big things start small. The trick is to avoid multipling independent odds ratios (the Multiplication Principle). Get hit apps to join forces without all suffering if any defects. Form that just-us league, sooner than later, & grow it.

@BrendanEich @manicphase @bcrypt Well, let's get that market share up! :). Brave is a first-class recommendation in my "Digital Civilization Starter Kit".

Job thing! If you have a background in activism and understand tech, EFF has a couple of jobs you might be interested in (plz to boost)

Grassroots activist
You will support EFF’s grassroots advocacy efforts, support our security training team, and engage in outreach to grassroots groups, with a focus on technical communities and hacker spaces

Writer, Activism Team
This position will focus on net neutrality and a range of intellectual property issues

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