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I've been here a while but don't think I ever posted one of these.

I'm the North American editor for, a trade site about the video game industry. Before this, I was senior news editor for GameSpot.

I've been incredibly fortunate with my career in games and journalism, but don't know if I would suggest anybody get into either industry.

I try to be kind and I try not to make bad situations worse.

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I'd like to make leaving Twitter more convenient for anyone inclined to jump, and I've noticed one of the things that keeps me there is it's where a bunch of media outlets post and they don't run accounts here.

So I'm starting up a account that will toot out stories for people who want to keep up with industry news:

This is fantastic and I'm not sure how many other places in the world you would see something like this.

The greatest contraction in the English language is “all’a’y’all’ll” and I will brook no dissent.

Reading the original Avengers comics and yeah, Stan Lee may have been progressive for the time, but that's not saying a whole lot.

A game-as-a-service with loot boxes, only the big box-opening reveal isn't in-game items but the date they'll shut the servers off and leave you with nothing.

I had no idea there were so many months. No wonder 2018 has felt like an eternity.

Also, Spidey seemed on his way to being an alt-righter before his uncle died. There but for the grace of Stan...

The first time I read Spider-Man's origin story, I thought someone had vandalized the comic I had by drawing tiny pupils on the mask's eyes. But nope, that's canon.

Also, love to be at the very top of one of the largest and most influential companies around and have my boss throw a tantrum and order me to switch phones and leave an ecosystem I'm probably deeply invested in.

Seeing some people advocate for PSVR again because of Tetris Effect, Astro Bot, and a Black Friday deal.

As someone who loved the Vita, I want to ease their suffering, tell them it's over, that it's been over for more than a year, that Sony's interest can never be recaptured once lost. It would almost seem a kindness to relieve them of their hope...

I am wary of Detective Pikachu, mostly for the sheer number of meme references they seem to have crammed into that trailer. Things that obsessed with invoking other things tend not to be great on their own.

And honestly, given what colossal tools so many Great Creators have turned out to be, it makes it easier to separate the deeply flawed creators from their most enduring creations.

Ok I boosted the "let Toy Story die" tweet but at the same time I'm increasingly OK with cherished series outliving their creators. They may not be public domain proper, but letting other creators play with those worlds allows them to outgrow their origins, to adapt and stay relevant in new contexts, to be reinvented into more useful forms with more relevant lessons for new generations.

Toy Story 3 was good, let it die. Let things end. That's my take on Toy Story 4

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People with opinions about musical instruments: How do you feel about recorders?

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