Just saw the ending of Alone in the Dark for the first time and I have a renewed understanding of all the people who said games could never be art and all the game players who get overly defensive in response.


The corporation wearing the human skin suit of THQ has acquired the Alone in the Dark IP from the corporation wearing the human skin suit of Atari.

I consider this an upgrade in ownership, and hope more people will get to play the original.

Bob Dylan wrote Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll in 1963 and I'm not sure it's ever been more relevant than now.

$130 for 20 games seems a little steep for the PSone Classic. Anyway, here are a bunch of games I hope Sony considers including:

1Xtreme (ESPN Extreme Games without the license)
Ace Combat 2
Intelligent Qube
Battle Arena Tohshinden
Armored Core
King's Field
Soul Blade
Colony Wars
Destruction Derby
Grand Theft Auto 2
Hot Shots Golf 2
Bushido Blade
Tecmo's Deception
In the Hunt
Rival Schools

Capcom closing Vancouver studio
Publisher confirms plans to consolidate major development in Japan after announcing $40 million expense on cancelled projects

This is an interesting look at Visual Concepts/2K Sports history and how it dealt with EA getting NFL exclusivity, but it seems like a bit of revisionary history in the company's favor to not even mention that 2K's first response was to sign an exclusive deal for MLB games that would be an albatross for years to come.


That's from "The Pac-Man Principle: A User's Guide to Capitalism" by Dr. Alex Wade of Birmingham City University.

I wish every press release in my in-box had a quote like this:

"My research also focuses on Pac-Man’s antagonists, the ghosts. For example, the high score records that are achieved when defeating these enemies have now developed into other types of surveillance in the form of credit score, likes on Facebook and follows on Instagram – all of which people today attempt to improve and increase."

Any gathering of three or more Jonathans is technically a Jonathon.

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Ok, that was harsh. Sony didn't give up on Vita "just before" the Switch arrived in 2017. It gave up on Vita just after Vita launched in the West in 2012.

Been playing the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man game and one of the collectible objects you find in the open world is this not-quite-a-Vita portable gaming system. Wondering if this was a licensing/Marvel approval issue, or if Sony just didn't want anyone to be reminded of the glorious handheld platform it completely gave up on just before Nintendo set the world on fire with the Switch. Not that I'm bitter.

(I am very bitter.)

Is there a name for that one tweet/toot in a thread that's just so far off-base it keeps you from boosting any of the other, actually very good posts in the thread?

Earlier today, I received an email to my work account with the subject line "Ninja/COD/Doritos Twitch embargo news" and I am now questioning all the decisions that led me down this career path.

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It's surprising to hear a publishing exec address Chinese regulatory issues with anything approaching candor. gamesindustry.biz/articles/201

Riot is actually calling the people trying to fix their hostile-to-women workplace a "Culture Strike Team." I'm not optimistic about that effort succeeding given Riot felt the need to brand them like a new line of G.I. Joe toys. riotgames.com/en/who-we-are/we

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