I'd like to make leaving Twitter more convenient for anyone inclined to jump, and I've noticed one of the things that keeps me there is it's where a bunch of media outlets post and they don't run accounts here.

So I'm starting up a account that will toot out stories for people who want to keep up with industry news:

@BrendanSinclair thank you for starting this! I would really love to have more news/industry stuff come around here!

@BrendanSinclair Can only hope others follow suit. Well,, /some/ others anyway.

A worthy endeavour

@BrendanSinclair To a similar end, the good people at @confederacio are creating bots for independent media so they toot based on their RSS, and offering these media absolute control over the bot's account (cc @icaria36)

@nestort @BrendanSinclair Hi, yes, you can check the RSS bot accounts created at

I'm happy to answer any questions / share any thoughts.


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