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Brendan Sinclair

A surprising number of responses to the revelation that Quantic Dream copy-pasted Naughty Dog's denial of workplace sexual harassment are suggesting they just have the same PR people and that would somehow make it OK, instead of Garbage Tier PR work.

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@BrendanSinclair Look, it's a lot of work to open up FORM_Studio_Harassment_Apology.docx and press the "auto-fill fields" button, and everyone qualified to do it is at the court hearing.

@BrendanSinclair this is almost as awful as that video 2 months ago of dozens of US local news stations reciting a propaganda statement in perfectly synchronised monotone

@flussence I can accept one studio having awful PR a lot more readily than I can accept dozens and dozens of journalists undermining their entire profession and betraying their audience by complying with a poisonous corporate edict. So bothered by that still.