Another release, yet another marketing company introduced to Firefox (iOS). 😔 @aral

Has anyone else noticed settings mysteriously changing on their iDevices? I turned App Store auto-play OFF on day one of iOS 11, and today…app videos began auto-playing!

Every. Yahoo. Account. Ever.

Is this for real? I guess Verizon wasted a few dollars then, eh?

If you have an android phone laying around somewhere and you wouldn’t mind parting with it, please contact me!

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Here we go then… my book, Accessibility For Everyone, is now out! 📗

Available in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart:

In time, the complaints may fade from view, but seriously... has me ready to ditch iPhone. After two days! Now, what do I switch to...? Mainstream Android is not an option (sorry, but Google). Oh, and I’m located in US 😏

Today I am riding 60+ miles with the WrestlingMS bike team. If you can spare anything, please consider donating to help support this awesome group:

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Decrypting Amber Rudd

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter & YouTube (Google/Alphabet, Inc) have formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism and Amber Rudd is asking them to quietly drop end-to-end encryption from their products. You should not believe a single word any of those companies tells you about end-to-end encryption or privacy on their platforms ever again. PS. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.

Does anyone here subscribe to Tidal music streaming service? One of their selling points is having something like >48 million tracks available (more than Apple Music?). I'm seriously beginning to wonder about that claim. I've been trialling Tidal for about 2 weeks and the most glaring issue so far is the numerous duplicate tracks (identical titles). Anyone have any thoughts?

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‘Don’t Let Corporations Pick What Websites You Visit’

“net neutrality holds that the company you pay for internet access can’t control what you do online.”

Also on our radar:

Screenshots below of the resulting exchange with carrier support. There are no time stamps; the exchange took place over about 16 hours total. Any other ideas? CC. @aral

So, they are asking for make/model of my device. Why would this be relevant to the following error? ->

I am currently DMing customer care account for my carrier over on the bird site in hopes that they will finally offer up a fix...

Apologies for not being very loud on here...I hope this is not a symptom of being banned? Also, partly b/c at the moment it appears I can only access this from my US cellular provider when connected over VPN

@hugo If setting up an instance with and using a personal domain, what would the resulting profile URL look like?

What are your thoughts on message previews in notifications? I currently have them disabled unless my device is unlocked, but the norm/default (even the expectation) seems to be that previews would be enabled, thus allowing any passersby to also read your incoming messages.

@aral The Google Contributor popovers are here...and in Safari. Yes, I'm running @better

I can't access over the Sprint network in the U.S., except when connected via VPN. Is there anyone here seeing the same?

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