Something that helps a lot right now - being able to go on walks / hikes and see . Very calming during .

Happy Easter - from snowy Boulder. 72 degrees yesterday, 21 and snowy this morning.

According to Garmin I'm not very stressed. Not sure how that is calculated.

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Hardest thing for me is fitness when I travel. Hotel gyms are usually bad. Outdoor fitness is an option of course. But let's face it - it's lack of motivation that crunches it. And as importantly lack of routine. At home there is a wake up time, gym time, etc.

Thankfully this is coming to an end soon as we stop traveling end of the month.

Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife - a quarter century went by in a blink. Imagine what we do in the next 25/50+

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Anyone know a good dev or two in Boulder? I'm looking to hire. Full stack preferred , GIS experience is a huge plus.

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SeaTac airport is an embarrassment. Honestly trying to be the worst airport in America. Lines out the door. Overwhelmed services. Randomly closed TSA lines.

Used to be a nice place.

#travel #travelwoes

Really wish had quote tweets / toots. There are times when I want to fork a conversation and retoot + reply isn't the same thing.

Lovely article on how to make time *seem* slower as you get older.

"Or on the way home from work on the bus or the train—instead of mulling over all the problems you’ve had to deal with at work, focus your attention outside of yourself. Look at the sky, at the houses and buildings you pass and be aware of yourself here, traveling among them. "

I will never understand people who make phone calls in public restrooms. And worse, no headphones.

Habit app for the past few days. Not bad. Could be better.

Another . Three very hard days in a row and a gimpy hip/hammie = time to take a day off. Maybe go for a light walk, lacrosse ball time for sure.

often means slowing down for a day.

Partner workout today. Neither JP nor I were hammering the sprints but we did nicely overall.

If you ever want to see people at their most stupid, worst selves you might think "at the airport"

You'd be wrong. The answer is "at Costco"

I assume these are normal people but walk in the door and boom! 100 IQ point drop.

Love this style of workout. But I cannot lie - I am very very sore right now.

I was slower than I wanted on those rows. Made up for it on the bike though.

Good to be back at the gym today. Long workout with lots of lower back stabilization (a weak spot for me).

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