Since I last posted here I adopted a kitten. As we were finishing up the shooting l addition process, the woman tells me my new baby was born 5/14. I gasped and checked my calendar. Sure enough, that was the day Jaspurr died. While I realize it's just a weird coincidence, I'm pretty sure this was meant to be. Meet Jazz...

Looks like it's been about 6 months since I posted here. How's everyone doing?

2 sleeps, 2 days, 1.5 workdays, 2 medical appts, 3 loads of laundry, and OMG I STILL NEED TO DO ALL THE THINGS! till Balticon.

It is with great sadness that I share the news that my sweet boy, Jaspurr, left us this past Tuesday evening. He was about a year old when he marched into my lap, lay down purring, and claimed me. And he was glued to my side for twelve years. My kids accused me of loving him more than them. Some days they weren't wrong. He's still with me, just not as easy to see all the time.

Rest easy, sweet boy.


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we wade
our way into
the solitude of
this winter's

a day beyond
the storm

the only sound,
this burst of
wind, reminding
us to blink

for some tears
only come
in the cold

Health stuff 

While I wasn’t aware that my body was capable of this kind of all-out gastric assault, I have already learned what my response to pain is...elevated blood pressure and exhaustion. I stayed awake long enough to call off from work, then sorta crashed. Had to prop myself up cause this is one of the rare times when gravity is a friend. And we all know how well I sleep propped up. I don’t.

My gut roiled till almost one. But it’s been okayish since. I have no idea what precipitated this.

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Health stuff 

So today was fun. It started at 03:00 when a volcano erupted in my gut and I woke sputtering and coughing with acid splashing all the way up to the back of my throat and then my sinuses. I grabbed the tums & a water bottle but whereas one tums is usually sufficient for any flare ups (I take an OTC pill twice a day already), I was at three & it wasn’t making a dent. That’s when I remembered that we had Pepcid Complete from when Zulu was sick (don’t ask). So I took one of those too.

Quick update on before I’m late for work...he’s alternating between being an ass and being needy this morning. So for a cat, that’s a definite improvement. Later tonight he’ll get more of the appetite stimulant.

I’ve been dealing with a very sick boy for the past few days. It will most likely be weeks before he’s completely better. But considering I was terrified that this was the end, and it’s definitely not, I’ll do whatever is needed to help him get better. But I could use some help on the financial side.

Called in for a late arrival. Hoping a hot shower fixes me. My sleep study is this Friday. No idea how long after that it will take to get a CPAP, but the sooner the better.

Still not out of bed. Apparently I’m gonna be late for work today. Not sure which is worse, that I’m gonna be late or that I don’t care.

Initially woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Couldn’t fall back asleep. Two hours later, when it’s time to get up and get in the shower, now I’m tired again. I swear my brain fucking hates me.

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WordPress / BuddyPress (1/2) 

I had this idea to help migrate people completely off CrapBook and Hellbirb by setting up their own social networks for their families and close friends. I was using my own very small family (spouse, siblings-in-law, father-in-law, brother) as the beta test and then a friend's bigmclargehuge family as a live test.

Unfortunately, my tech skills begin and end with WordPress, with which I have a love/hate relationship. And the learning curve for Buddy Press is high.

New heating pad arrived today. Cover can be spritzed with water for moist heat. Between that and another muscle relaxant, I am happy adjacent. Close enough for a Tuesday anyway.

Rested my back all day Sat & Sun. Yesterday was up and about and Jake and I got started on the studio. Here’s a few pics...

We have a ways to go in putting up the audio tiles but there’s no rush. This is a passion project with no deadlines.

By shenanigans, I mean my newest project(s). Jake’s love of playing his bass & electric guitars has made me pick up my acoustic guitar again & start re-learning how to play & building up my calluses again.

Oh, & I miss doing voice work, & I never did the audiobook of my 2nd volume of poems, & I want to take over the audio engineering from my creative partner.

So I’m building a recording studio...

But since it will also potentially be an art studio, we’re just calling it The Studio.

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