I just checked out @ScottCBusiness@twitter.com latest breakdown of his monthly crypto income, I'm only just dipping my toes into crypto, I didn't realise how much was going on in this space open.lbry.com/@ScottCBusiness:

We have a new name for the post bot, it's no long Tim, Tem or Tom, it's now known as Ted

LBRY, BitTube, Steem, BitChute, all these platforms have 1 thing in common and that is that they are media platforms not controlled by massive corporations. I'm a big LBRY supporter but check out any of these alternative platforms and encourage your favourite creators as well.

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please stop supporting a company that actually thinks you are too stupid to be allowed to talk

we don't even care if you use LBRY, just don't support this awful company

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I've had a bunch of people point out that I say Alacritty wrong and I have no idea what they mean, maybe it's just my accent where everything sounds a little slurred.

Today's video is on Vimwiki, I should have switched to using this ages ago, it's such a better choice than what I was using before open.lbry.com/@BrodieRobertson

I haven't watched @christitustech@twitter.com latest video on LBRY but we all knew he would eventually cave in and sync his content over to @LBRYio@twitter.com

I always get pretty bad motion sickness from VR and it's made worse by bad VR which makes working on my honors project an interesting experience since I'm building a VR data visualisation tool and all I have is a cheap Windows Mixed Reality headset.

I've only just noticed this but if you pledge to a patreon the value it shows on the creators page is the value after fees so if you pledge $4 and the total only goes up by $3 that's the reason for that.

Windows will try it's absolute hardest to be in control of anything it touches

Everyday I understand less about what people enjoy seeing from my channel, today I'm taking a look at a flash card application for your terminal open.lbry.com/@BrodieRobertson

I might drop the episode number and just say it's a Tech Over Tea Clip

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How We Met At Uni - Tech Over Tea #9 Clip #3 - Cozza_23- youtu.be/0QDgRC9Iat8

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