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I just realized that as of Sunday, it will have been exactly 1 year since I released Words Must Die.

Still so proud of this little game. And since then, some of us from the team have been working on turning it into a full-fledged game! Can't wait to show everyone what we've been doing with it!!

This gets doubly annoying with a controller. Means having to use very careful aim to do things you do a ton of during this game: pick up ammo and armor.

One annoying thing about Wolfenstein: The New Colossus is having to look directly at dropped items and pressing a button to pick them up most of the time. It means running while staring at the ground a lot.

I drew Amanda from Dream Daddy a few months ago, figured it would be fun to put it up for #cutiesaturday since I've been noticing it floating around here :)
#mastoart #dreamdaddy #art

Is everyone on Team Sci-Fi sniffing hydrogen monoxide? WTF

After the last app and iOS update, TweetBot just feels so incredibly fluid and polished. Smooth easing when you scroll to the top, no more jittering. And it’s always been a great, reactive Twitter client.

I wish any app for Mastodon came close to TweetBot’s level. I’m sure one will eventually.

The year is 2024. Nobody actually uses Twitter anymore, except for hordes of bots advertising to groups of Russians who are pretending to be other people and constantly arguing with each other in broken English.

I really need to post more of my personal work. I really need to push my personal work to get to a more presentable state.

I am working on a game, honestly.

This was a long week, and right now I’m just gonna play a shit ton of Wolfenstein until I fall asleep.

Thanks to everybody who stopped by the stream today, in which I added a new cheer uniform that turns Go Morse Go! into Osu Morse Osu! #pixelart #gamedev

Every day I think about how amazing this car from Sonic Racing Transformed is.

Visual Studio Code please decide on an icon

Sorry, end of tootstorm and also negativity I guess. I love that Tesla is trying to move transportation in a positive direction. Some of their decisions are a little baffling when they’re late on delivering previous commitments.

Also true for SpaceX.

They haven't even been on time with rolling out the Model 3. And they're announcing two new vehicles? Come on.

Tesla just surprise announcing a new Roaster? lol

None of the insufferable people in this crowd will ever drive a truck. Why are they wooping so loudly? :<

This stream is...not holding stable. If only they'd just host the thing on YouTube or some place that has the backbone to handle a load. :/