I think that Westworld just did a cliff hanger for another season but gees come on at least finish me off


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The Excessive Heat Watch has been extended. It starts late Tuesday morning and continues to Friday evening for the Sacramento Valley, northern San Joaquin Valley, adjacent foothills & eastern Delta. Expect widespread moderate to locally high heat risk.

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I don't know why Reddit sends me Door Dasher Drivers reddit stuff but it's convinced me straight up to never touch these exploitative apps. Not even a little.

Oh. That took awhile to realize they had brain worms.

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With recent events in mind, the Eurofurence BoD wishes to inform our attendees that, after careful consideration, Pepper Coyote will not be performing at EF 26. Apologies for the late change in the events schedule.

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FYI from experience you don’t ever want to deploy a VM a 1000 times that somehow manages to keep the same MAC on the same subnet and never notice that was a thing until you trace DHCP from server to client and holy shit every dhcp client does it differently

I hate these days. When I have to beg the networking team to do more due diligence. When I have to point out the issue and how what they’re talking about DOESN’T MAKE SENSE IN OUR UNIVERSE

But I’m the slouch because I didn’t get a degree.

whu why is he wet what is happening

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78 and feeling great. 🎂 🐻 I make the beary same wish every year, and can make it come true.

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Okay did a super teardown clean of my coffee grinder and brewed a cup (after a truly awful cup I made yesterday) and it is the opposite of yesterday. So, cleaning yet again proves to improve flavor for me.

When aren't the biggest ones not caused by PG&E

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The deadly McKinney Fire, burning near the California and Oregon border, began underneath a power line circuit that had trouble just hours earlier, the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit has learned. nbcbay.com/zetZeHK

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Every time I eat my body floods with happy chemicals. Come on brain realize that and eat

The more I eat the better I feel but I don't eat because my brain keeps reliving the revelation that my dog is gone forever. Sigh.

Showerd. The house doesn't smell the same. He was a smelly dog.

Maybe some vaccines can be made now?

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: The Biden administration has declared monkeypox a public health emergency as cases topped 6,600 nationwide. nbcbay.com/R5Y4D5i

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Our dog loved to throw his drool everywhere. It's going to be tough to clean all of this up.

Oh right. These are my micro panic attacks. It's been awhile. No one understood what these were. Like PTSD hits without the PTSD.

My heart keeps falling out from under me and I feel like I'm falling and nothing will ever be okay again.

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