"Now listen to my story and then please never come here again."

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Someone on tungle replied to that last "Now fuck off"- panel with "Not yet".

So naturally this is what Rockert will be responding with:


@MordecaiPinhas hmm like comics specifically or art in general?
theres a handful of more comics in my comic tag here

but some of them repeat a bit

@MordecaiPinhas I haven't done that many in this style yet. Which is a goddamn shame. But after this one I feel more motivated to try make more.

@LongGreenBinch @goat Did I really live and art this long only so that impressionable youth will be affected by irresponsible comics and lead to join the dead of mount everest's rainbow valley?

@Bruneburg @goat it was only a matter of time tbh, i desire e l e v a t i o n

@LongGreenBinch @goat Alright but then don't settle for mere compromises, take your goals seriously, go all the way, rocket yourself into the sun because that's also where all the Vitamin D is

@LongGreenBinch @goat There you will meet me, standing there, selfishly unwilling to share any of the vitamins with anyone but my european sun-starved self.

@jdezerai thank you. I hope I can put another comic like that soon but this one feels a bit hard to outdo at the moment

@Bruneburg yes.. but that s to be expected. nice work. good tone/colors thanks for sharing.

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