When picking up Bramley from the groomer I met their new miniature schnauzer puppy and she was so smol and so cute 🥺

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@Brunty@twitter.com We do it because it’s phpun!

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Not even 8am and I've peaked.

That's it folks, it's all down from here.

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@Brunty@twitter.com Keep a sense of phproportion ...

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You cannot thought and prayer your way out of mass murders with guns that happen daily.

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@Brunty@twitter.com I find this post PHP-ophpobic

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The uniquely American feeling of seeing news about a mass shooting of kids and knowing literally nothing is going to change to stop it from happening again is the one I hate the most.

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Never underestimate the PHP community's ability to PHPorce "PHP" into words where it really doesn't fit.

I really feel like @PlayApex@twitter.com has completely ruined ranked with the points changes.

I agree changes were needed, these ain't it.

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PyPI module 'ctx' that gets downloaded over 20,000 times a week has been compromised in a software supply chain attack with malicious versions stealing the developer's environment variables.

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It's here! , our virtual scavenger hunt with @GenG@twitter.com. 🔍

Over the next 3 weeks, you’ll solve 7 puzzles for a chance to win a bundle of prizes – from gift cards to a Playstation 5.

Your adventure starts now: 1passwordconsolequest.gg/

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