Today is a time to vote tactically and hope there’s a chance we can fix the mess we’re in.

A chance we can stop the Tories from continuing their campaign of destruction of the country which they do all while making the ignorant think it’s the immigrants doing it, not the wealthy elite the Tories serve.

And if you follow me and vote Tory: kindly fuck off :)

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I realise it’s a lot for some brains to handle.

I’ve had about enough of election stuff, it’s too much for my brain to want to deal with.

That’s how the Tories win. They break us down with their constant lies, constant bullshit, constant deception.

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Those that will vote for them don’t care they lied. Those that vote for them don’t care about others.

While those that don’t want to continue down this path are (mentally) beaten into apathy and bombarded with bullshit.

It’s hard to see that every day and still care.

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Though, saying all this: I’m just shouting into an echo chamber on here.

We all are.

Our posts showing how is a lying fuck don’t do anything to change the minds of those who’d vote for him.

I’m preaching to the choir.


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