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I'm KC! A Platypineapperson who draws things.
Open for requests and commissions, just DM me.

Art Account 🎨 @BrushBandit
Personal/Main 🍍 @BrushBandit
Tip Jar: β˜•
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I draw little memes for everyone because I felt like it and it makes me happy! I hope it makes u all happy too.
please don't ever feel obligated to give something in return, but if you ever are in the mood to feed the platypineapperson or whatever, u can throw money at me here

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Doing quick commissions, three slots only. 50$ single fullbody or 75$ double fullbody. Both full color, shaded. Simple bgs ONLY. First come first serve, comment to claim a slot please. Turnaround time should be a week each

completely out of the blue, i felt like drawing @junebug's fursona

all things considered i think it came out pretty well

catra! a bit of blood because im an edgelord 

Licking your fingers like you're done and You've decided there is so much more than me-

Wee update yesterday. Needed an establishing shot but couldn't fit it in the next page, so we get a bumper illustration.


Read from the beginning:

edalyn. *sister.*
....hi the owl house killed me so take these or something

UPDATE! another bit. I have no idea how to letter it right now but THIS PART IS ONE OF THE IDEAS THAT I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT SINCE THE BEGINNING

"happily ever after
below the waist"
... the original line is kinda suggestive but i was like. I'm going to FLIP IT and make people CRY

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I used all my smooth semirealistic beautiful hair animation energy for the drafts on this shot, actually.
although hair is one of my favorite things so of course I'm going to go absolutely wild on every other cut, too.

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yes I know her hair went in two different directions in the back during movement. I did the two cuts at different times and absolutely forgot and am reworking it for the lineart.
brb I have simply decided to sugoi quest for kokoro it up in here and have twoframe loops going 'Ah!!! too fast xC'

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more vrisrezi CityOfDust segments.... I couldnt resist coloring some frames even though Im not even done with the lines. because. Vriska.
still gotta do the FX and burn her eye out. and blooddrip. and background. but um. disastergirl rights. 🍍

I felt really insecure drawing draftframes initially because I was worried that the angle wouldnt translate from my usually messier lines. It's the first thing you see in the video, too. so it's REALLY gotta pull ppl in! but I think I pulled it off so far. :D

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*spends 981 hours lipsyncing and animating Undyne that started from another stupid meme that got way out of control*

lumity GROMQUEEN animatic ....
...and back at it again with the meme chibi placeholders too :P

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