catradora fantasize animation
the shitpost chibis are placeholders..... I think.
gotta finish this sometime. doubly so because catradora canon. disaster girl rights.

[continued thread] some slower breakdowns in gif form.
fun fact: the green thing that appears for a bit in the first gif is the remnant of when I was labeling keyframes and wrote 'flip' on that one but forgot to erase it fully on export so it just says 'fl' with no 'ip' sdfdfg


i gotta work on smears. also.
I.... rly like to animate characters with tails
especially on shots like this!

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here's another WIP of my . she's a tiefling >:3
first one is start of lipsyncing and arm movement. second is with tail....

BAM. COMPLETED ROUGHS. SEE WHAT I MEAN? especially with these things, it adds a lot of character/feeling & movement to an otherwise static shot. Tails and wings and ears that can move are SO gud for being expressive.
framing and animating feeling HAX all in one!

Platy voice: I'm in.

they do a really good job in the show with this. god. ok the rest of the thread is just going to be me crying about catra

okay im actually not going to upload every single other clip because you get the point and I will be sitting here all day screaming. anyway. uhhhhh i love them

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