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I’ve been tasked with an appetizer, a vegetable, or a dessert for Yay Genocide Day, and I am overwhelmed by choice.

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THOR RAGNAROK IS AMAZING. Cate Blanchett can step on me anytime. I want to marry Tessa Thompson. God bless Taika for using Chris’s comedic ability.

Goddamn I am so bi.

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I hope everyone has a calming and love-filled day❣️

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When I first started getting tattoos, various people told me not to get "too many." No one ever tells me that now, so I must officially have "too many" tattoos.

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Free story for the reading, over at my Patreon page!

"Memory is an anchor, and the dark depths call it down, to where leviathans slide through black ocean canyons and the sea is like ice in a corpse’s veins."


My Spotify Discover Weekly has become less discovery and more “let’s revisit your traumatic adolescence.”

Feed a tiger! Save a man! (Not one of those terrible men, either. This one’s pretty okay.)


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Excerpt (full short at the link below, if y'all want it):

"She thinks of her father, of how he’d vanished into the water on a stormy January morning. How later, the lake had returned him to her, or what was left after the water and fish had finished with him. She’d taken his head and boiled it in a copper pot on the kitchen stove until it was gleaming white and sacred to her. The rest of him she'd taken out on his boat, and returned to the dark depths of the lake."


I’ve just put together why hamstrings are so named, and now I’m weirded out. Forever.

Rewatching Atomic Blonde, and having all the Lorraine Broughton feels again.

You have never wanted anything so badly as my cat wants to lick the dregs from my yogurt bowl.

I just steam cleaned my bedroom carpet, and I’m disgusted by the extracted filth of my existence.

I spent five minutes on twitter after waking up, and now I know why I’m depressed all the time.

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It’s been a long (like a decade or so) time since I tried to do any wire wrapping... but I pulled out some of my crystal/gem stash tonight and found my (tarnished) sterling silver wire stash... so I think I’m going to give it a try this weeekend. I expect it to be very frustrating and possibly not at all successful, but I’m going to do it anyway. I have a art/craft fair at my paycheck job coming up and previously jewelry has sold better than art. 🤷🏼‍♀️

So I’m going to try with the rhodochrosite and blue topaz. I guess we’ll find out how much I still suck at this.

#art #jewelry #gems #bluetopaz #rhodochrosite #wirewrapping #artistsonmastodon


*looks at bank account*


*buys books*


*surrenders fucks to the void*

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So many new people, and most of them creative types. No company deciding for me what I should be seeing, while mining all my personal data in the background. Effective tools to get rid of Nazis.

How can anyone go, "I don't like the colour, I'm going back to that place where everyone is yelling at each other"?

Isn’t extra sleep supposed to equate to less exhaustion?

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