I love my job as a full stack security engineer

I have been working in a corprate programming evn for 3 months now, I miss the fediverse, I will never leave it again, I am getting back to work on my federated AGPLv3 liceansed PC game, Thank God I have a part time job

I am going to just sell compiled binaries for FOSS projects I am developing

@dheadshot Cool, I am thinking about making my steam, itch.io games under the AGPL and just sell binaries with art under a differnt lincens, like how doom is done

@root I love the lunarvim distobution of neovim
are you using it?

@blueblur98 Cool, I make video games and rebuild old hardware on youtube

I am building a FOSS space shooter/Stradegy game, I am thinking about going turning this into my full time job

I am going full time on building FOSS software

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Roughlite/4xlite hybrid from a fps perspective with

Roughlite/4xlite hybrid from a fps perspective with

I am going full time FOSS developer, I am making a API as a service, that will also have a linode one click deploy app, and just find a busmodel for a full FOSS project that is in the fediverse, I hate the crap we all have to deal with. sorrry guys

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Hi all, I am making a Godot RTS game, does anyone have a good AI model for such games, I am trying to make a Mobile and LInux version but takes too much memory to work on mobile

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