Doing the right thing (especially for yourself) doesn’t mean people won’t be upset.

People being upset doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

Bonus brain-melter: you might be doing the right thing for yourself and you might be the one who is upset about it, and that doesn’t change any of the above.

I’m upset they cut Riku’s hair and then made it even worse for KH3 and now most fanart is also with that short hair... Upset noises...

Masto post: Folks here are so nice!
Post above: i wont stop mocking vegans
Me: yeahhh i see it...

I want to delete my twitter but how else will I get access to artists’ private accounts and therefore their nsfw and/or niche art. Help.

Please don’t ask me if I’m okay if you’re not someone who can make me feel better? Thank you? It will just make me feel worse for making you feel bad because I feel like shit and you can’t do anything about it? So how about you don’t ask so neither of us will feel worse?

rant on own mistakes 

Gotta love that my current main RP character only gets a great RP opportunity once a month or less, and in one of those perfect rare times I ruin it by fucking up. I am absolutely overflowing with self-loathe right now, and the day already started with self-loathing in the first place. 14 hours later and it has just gotten worse. Nothing but mistakes the entire day.

My favourite DragonVale island so far. (This is the best decoration phone game even if it is not a decoration game.)

People who experiment on animals deserve to be experimented on.

Love to be filled with major anxiety in the morning

uughhhhhhhhh hate i need to have money to do the thigns i want

Honestly it feels so satisfying to hear Layle’s dance partners comment on how utterly charmed they are, when you do it perfect. He is such a fresh protagonist and secretly a fantastic dancer.

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Hot take, FF Theatrhythm isn’t the most fun Final Fantasy rhythm game, the ballroom minigame in FF Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers is

Crystal Bearers is an amazing game, and so underappreciated. I could write paragraphs on how wonderful it is.

A lot of documents are useless and more harmful than otherwise but the most useless of all might be the birth certificate.
“I need written proof that you were born even though you’re standing right in front of me”

It's honestly horseshit creators have to sell their IPs to the company they work for. All creators should have be able to have First Right To Refusal and the right to take back their creations whenever they choose.

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