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"do you ever think before you toot" of course I do!!! I think "oh the lesbians will love this" and I hit toot!

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so you'll retoot but not give me that follow? you think I don't fuckin see? you think i won't show up in your sleep paralysis? huh??

also if we're tootuals feel free to add me on discord!! it's in my bio

do I really want to lose all my tootuals and (bad) toots for a better instance

distorted opera reveals to us the murmers of the elder gods

Hey how you doin little mama,
let me whisper in your ear.
Tell you something that you might
like to hear.
When I whisper these words,
you’ll never forgetti:
[slaps car] this bad boy can hold
so much spaghetti

*moves my leg slightly* *every bone in my spine pops back into place*

I have so much to do today but am I going to do it? no!!!!

mastodon is actually like tumblr, it was fun at first but now everyone just ignores my toots, lame af

@Butches i'm shakign and cryign why would anyone say this

might fuck around and become a goat farmer up in the mountains

sorry!! claude butches isn't available right now they're too busy spiraling

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