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Hello Mastodon, my name is CB Webb.
I like to draw pictures, and I make a webcomic called Blanco.

You can read it here:

You can also follow me on Twitter:


And Patreon:

If you make a webcomic too, I hope you will share it with me!

makin a prop ohoto i need for a couple chapters of the comic and always love gettin to draw nancyyyyyyyyy bein cute ;-; <3

Totally forgot I was in the middle of clearing out accounts over here. If you find yourself not over here any more, please know it was SUPER ABSOLUTELY NOT ANYTHING PERSONAL! Just letting this account be a little more locked down and private. My art account (same username on the art instance) is still open to anyone and everyone <3

@CBWebb this is very exciting bc it was like the third fish I caught in new leaf and I didn’t know any better or about the museum yet so I SOLD IT and was so sad when I heard it was rare and never found another and NOW!!! 3!!!!

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it’s oarfish day in animal crossing apparently!!! I caught three tonight and my buddy who came over to visit also caught one!!

@CBWebb back in the wild area doin dynamax raids weeeeeeeeeeee

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I’m playing DnD for the first time tomorrow night and I’m gonna be a talking bounty hunting long haired chihuahua what’s up

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Pen doodle in the trash sketchbook. Playing with fountain pens a lot lately! Tonight’s is a TWSBI Eco. Ink is pilot iroshizuku in the shade kiri-same

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And, we done. A surprisingly capable paper! No plan and intended to make a muddy mess. The first page of any new sketchbook is always me just throwing everything I can at it, and layering and scrubbing. It held up, and didn’t lift when I layered— a preference that is surprisingly hard to find in more cost efficient papers. I’m gonna enjoy keeping this one!

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Got my pencil brush working, still trying to get the rest of my lining and rendering brushes back in order after the last procreate update. This is proving to be a good little test piece. Getting there.

Alright gonna do some much needed cleaning, gonna edit that article so I’m ready to incorporate images and give it one more pass later in the month, and then I’m gonna script and dick around on the internet so tomorrow I can draw comics and whatever I want

@CBWebb just with more flexibility I guess. If I wanna work on something else then I will but pages seem to be the easiest thing for me lately

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Cool I guess I’ll just shoot for finishing pages through April this upcoming month tbh I got nothing else going on

@CBWebb that’s noncommittal and scribbly enough that I can focus on it and it needs done so lll feel good when it’s done haha

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Ok I’m just gonna focus on finishing all my blanco roughs this week and not worry about anything else

Wow Black Friday so many deals I wonder if I’ll opt for any??

-uses one to have 400 photos of my dogs professionally printed-

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