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Hello Mastodon, my name is CB Webb.
I like to draw pictures, and I make a webcomic called Blanco.

You can read it here:

You can also follow me on Twitter:


And Patreon:

If you make a webcomic too, I hope you will share it with me!

I posted to birdsite, but I forgot to here. Comic updated at blancocomic.com

This scene features NERDS. Look at them they’re a couple of DANG NERDS.

I made a comic page it has a tree on it



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If you want to help me say words verbally into your earholes someday, maybe hmu on patreon? patreon.com/yeshomo

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Hey everyone! I’m opening up (digital) bust commissions officially right now. RTs are greatly appreciated!

Right now the only type of commissions I will take are either lineart ($35+ USD) or lineart + flat color ($45+ USD)

I take Paypal & payment is upfront. Please contact me at lhenrichsen1370@gmail.com

I also need photo/drawn references & a description of what you’d like

Thank you so much 💕

#creativetoots #art #artcommissions #commissions

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A watercolor. I’m trying to jump back in and make traditional painting a consistent part of my life again, even if it’s just a little thing like this.

I also filmed the process of painting it, and you can watch a time lapse of that footage here if you want to: youtu.be/ym6Rwau0zu8

Noah where is your torso carpet why are you so bare

@CBWebb I’m very excited to give him back his fuzzies he looks weird without them

I still have more time left on this to work on since I really only got about ten minutes in my sketchbook today, but it’s not coming out awful??? Yaaaaay. I’m just using my little inkwash brush pens I filled up a while back.

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Getting ready to inkwash, please pray for me 😰

I put this on Twitter but I’m putting it here, too. Where I’m leaving it for the night. I just super wanted to paint something happy.

I’ve been filming this one. I forgot some footage from when I was working on the background but otherwise it will all be there for video! Hopefully I’ll have it up later in the week.

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Last night of working on this one, let’s go go go

I’m kicking off my first weekend off comics by painting a sketch that I’ve had ready to go for months.

Every time I put paint down I forget just how much I love it until I come back to it.

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Finally sitting down to paint today (and film)! Here’s the very first wash.

Thank you for being okay with me posting my comic update here, too, Mastodon. I try not to spam everyone with the same thing but also I really like my webcomic and I’m proud of it and put a lot of love into it and I just really wanna share it sometimes ;-;

Anyway it’s called Blanco, for those who haven’t read it and maybe wanna, and you can read it at blancocomic.com

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When your babe gets to jump to level 14, she's gotta get new threads. Kindness, putting the 🗡️in 'looking sharp'

(inspiration credit to connie barrett for the thigh-high murder-boots)

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@CBWebb PROPER link is blancocomic.com! HOORAY and thank you, to folks who make sure links are workin 💕💕💕💕