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Hello Mastodon, my name is CB Webb.
I like to draw pictures, and I make a webcomic called Blanco.

You can read it here:

You can also follow me on Twitter:


And Patreon:

If you make a webcomic too, I hope you will share it with me!

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When your babe gets to jump to level 14, she's gotta get new threads. Kindness, putting the 🗡️in 'looking sharp'

(inspiration credit to connie barrett for the thigh-high murder-boots)

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@CBWebb PROPER link is blancocomic.com! HOORAY and thank you, to folks who make sure links are workin 💕💕💕💕

I wasn’t gonna out this here this week but it’s my birthday so I’m gonna do what I want. And I’m even gonna post a link this time.

My webcomic, Blanco, updated at blancocomic.com! Give it a read, maybe you’ll like it? And if you do, thank you! You’re amazing!

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Blood, bullet wound Show more

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Sharing this one here too. I won’t do this often as promised, but for whatever reason this page took me ages to do, so I thought I’d share it.

Cleaning out and organizing my reference photo library today, as well as my sketchbook folder. Fun experiments that I forget about: drawing my oc when he was a bab

I deleted this from twitter bc I feel like it belongs here instead

I appreciate all my art friends who are drawin their big beefy ripped dudes that let me hang out in their lil’ art camp while I draw my little scrawny guy with negative abs

A rough digital sketch that I had always intended to fix up, print out, and transfer onto watercolor paper to paint and just never got around to it. Looking at it again, I might need to make the time since it would mesh with a certain kind of paint & ink execution that I want to play with more.

The only drawing I really managed today since it was busy for the holiday. I wanted to draw thighs. That’s it. That was the goal.

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A little time lapse video of that sketch from last week!

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An unexpected bill has come up and I am in serious need of commission work. If you were thinking about it before, now's your chance!

I have a status board that I update as I work, so you can see where I am with your commission :>


Or going to sleep which seems to be slowly becoming the most likely option

I got ahead on all the stuff I was supposed to do today so I think the rest of the night is gonna be cleaning and then sketchbookin’

LRB I AM STILL D Y I N G I’m so excited to add it to my treasured little book of people’s art they have made I’m weepy ;-;

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he blep

bc i couldn't stop myself from drawing fanart, anyway, if you love an intriguing premise combined with wonderful art, please read blancocomic.com/