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Last page I’ll share for a bit until Noah is back in the narrative, but this was a page I had actually had entirely different visual plans for and completely trashed and redid a couple weeks ago. It’s now one of my favorite pages in the chapter! Enjoy!

You can read all of Blanco thus far at, also!

@CBWebb well the little tracker has moved from diagnosis to repair in process and I was not contacted with an adjusted estimate so I guess all is well! Hip hip hooray, hopefully I get it back tomorrow or Saturday when I’m actually home to sign for it!

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Computer made it back to repair place we will seeeeeeeeeeee how long it takes to get it back this time and hopefully it’s a something that is covered under extended warranty bc idk if i wanna put money down for it to fix it if not.

Alright gonna jump between choppin’ up some pages for chapter 2 and working on buffer pages today. if I can get phone call scene edits done mostly today I’ll be STOKED

Reminded today by a friend that Blanco will be a book and I still cannot believe that it will be a book?????????? Idk when that will actually register for me, even though I’ve been working to an adjusted this-is-for-a-book workflow.


A book?????????


Ok did some quick thumbnails and I can recycle more of the art there will just be some panels that I’ll split up to give more focus since I’m cutting a lot of noahs narrative dialogue and refocusing a lot of the side of the conversation that the reader sees

@CBWebb it’s a page that’s three weeks or so out so there’s time I always just wanna make changes right when they’re on my mind I hate waiting haha

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Anyway in computer news I dropped it off again last night and it should be in Texas today (amazing????) when I thought it would be there by Thursday, so hopefully that will be back by Friday if I’m lucky which I would lvoe bc there’s some dialogue on an upcoming buffer page that I really wanna edit and requeue bc it’s just driving me crazy bc it will make the Solomons feel a little bit too “we are villains huehueheuhee -twirls mustache-“ and I fucking hate it but I hate doing web edits on iPad

TY Exhaustive BrBa wiki for reminding me why I remembered a Lalo but did not remember him ever being in Breaking Bad when he’s like automatically my new fave at first introduction and also for the Ignacio connection that was mentioned under the same breath in the same episode which makes me way less stressed about him potentially dying but way more stressed about what will go down w him lmao

Also already have three of the more Nancy-oriented addition pages almost done, so I’m stoked. The nice thing about these are they’re all things I really WANT to draw so I’m not really feeling like I’m having to choose between sketchbook and comics for them.

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@CBWebb I AM redrawing the resurrection page today though. It’s one I wanted
To redraw but more importantly it’s one that has some content I’ve been itching to illustrate lately, so two birds and all that. I’m gonna be doing it in my sketchbook bc it’s def more me wanting to draw it than “let’s make a comic page” so it will be a fun draw day :D

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Alright either way as well it looks like page additions will be no more than 10 pages. It’s sitting at 8 right now though and I’m pretty sure it’s going to stay at 8.

I’m drafting it now while everything is fresh so I don’t forget the character acting I wanna do and I am. So. Fucking. Excited. Gonna suck to read tho sorry in advance for tearing everyone’s fucking heart out but also I’m excited to tear everyone’s fucking heart out 😬

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Wow holy shit still doing editing regarding the change I made to chapters 2 & 4 and it affected something else in chapter 10 where the series of events didn’t change but it strengthened everything there if I just added two tiny moments and it went from being a transitionary chapter that I was eh about to being one of my favorite chapters in the whole book omg.

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Sketchin some heads in between editing some writing today. About to dive into drafting final pages for chapter 10, which is a super noah & nancy focused chapter, so it seemed right to warm up with them.

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Still not a lot going on. I keep saying I’m stepping away from comics for a bit, but these next couple of months are the perfect opportunity to make some final tweaks to my writing to try and make Blanco sing, so I keep stepping back in!

Anyway, since I’ve been so writing/editing focused lately, the only things I’ve really been sharing visually are pages from my buffer for the next couple of months. So here is this week’s page! As always, you can read Blanco at

What’s especially fun is this doesn’t change the context of what I already have for future chapters, it just gives strength and better focus to them re: character development so I’m SUPER STOKED

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@CBWebb I’m late in drafting the book (my own self assigned deadline so it’s not a big deal), but it was worth it to take my time nitpicking to make sure this was right; esp with last night’s fix up

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Ok I’m not supposed to work on comics today but I’m def gonna work on comics today. Gonna get the pages I wanted to add to chapters 2 & 4 drafted, and really, REALLY sit down with those two and the future quiet Noah/Nancy chapters and figure out what I’m gonna do.

Or I guess I knew the reason I just wasn’t looking in the right place to fix it AAAAH

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