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CBrachyrhynchos @CBrachyrhynchos

@lifning I suspect Nye is on a right-wing (s)hit list because he has a history of going after evolution denial and climate-change denial.

Reading: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet: Great fun, bit heavy on the exposition.

One of the things I love about science fiction is it's possible to imagine futures where both "they" and "xe" are naturally used as nonbinary pronouns.

@lifning Here's one clip: youtu.be/46h-LfNWPn8

Yes, the chatter is being flooded by backlash.

The collective flip-out over Bill Nye's sexuality episode is depressing.

Mylan epipen strategy: Jack up the price, then offer deep discounts to health service agencies that locked out competitors.


Holy shit now this is some seriously good internet detective work. the founder of /r/RedPill is a minor republican representative in the New Hampshire state legislature.


Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway for Free: April 25 and 26 Only


contemplating a switch from nextcloud to seafile for my self-hosted file server.

I wish Amazon would not do that thing of occasionally releasing video without subtitles. Granted the partner is hard-of-hearing and not deaf, but still.

Dr. Who: "Pilot" Show more

roller derby night: devils win for once. 🙌

roller derby night: second bout straight out of d&d. devils vs. demons!

lost by eight in overtime, called short due to injury. great bout.

overtime jam, is that even in the rules?

roller derby night: one point difference in last jam. officials huddle.

roller derby night: go hellions!