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CBrachyrhynchos @CBrachyrhynchos

@kelbot Another form of "challenge" involves demonstrating that alternatives exist, leading people to demand more, demand better, or just drop out of those systems.

Some think mastodon has to challenge twitter as far as number of users to be a success. That's the beauty of Foss software. It doesn't have to. Mastodon is already a success in my opinion.

I'm perfectly happy with mastodon being our own niche thing. There are enough of us that care about freedom and decentralization that it can still be great. Being massively "popular" also brings all the shitty things about the masses being on one platform.

The block list is in dokuwiki/conf/wordblock.conf if anyone really wants to know.

So, I'm kicking the tires on a wiki. Something that's supposed to be helpful is that dokuwiki comes with an anti-spam filter, that among other things, blocks the word "gay." That's not very helpful when you're running with restricted permissions.

First project completed in years, done with some hand-dyed yarn I picked up in Indiana last year for my sister's memorial.

Shame I have to wait nearly six months to wear it down here.

mastodon.social/media/KKHt87P6 mastodon.social/media/ZmR0JNx_ mastodon.social/media/u49CzuUm

1993: "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"

2017: Google and Facebook know the names and birthdays of each one of your fleas

"“I identify as trans, which means that I am not seeking to synthesise my appearance with the label assigned to me at birth and instead am opting to live in a space where a label other than male or female is used to define me.” - Jill Soloway


I'm liking shaarli as a self-hosted bookmarking service but I really wish its logins would be persistent for more than a few hours. Might have to go back to pinboard.

I suspect part of the problem was that this little thing has only 4Gig RAM, and the helpful additions installed by the computer shop that did maintenance before I got it was causing unnecessary swappiness.

Well, that was easier than I expected. I miss out on screen rotation (a feature I rarely used) but I can login and do stuff in under two minutes.

@piratejane Might be worth taking some custom to Powells.