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Research: youth are more likely to be suicidal. Also more likely than straight people to be suicidal given an equivalent level of adverse childhood experiences (such as abuse and neglect).


Oldschool WoW in a nutshell.

*le sigh*

Dumb Idea of the Day: A cookbook for transforming office party leftovers into soup using only plastic utensils, carryout salt and pepper packets, an electric kettle and a microwave.

Stuff that's actually happened in my relationships:

Rational Jealousy: "I know they have a mild crush on you. Could you please check in before spending extra time with them?"

Irrational Jealousy: "You're reading science fiction. You're going to run off with a guy and be gay and nobody will love me!"

Pulling a single sentence about "It Gets Better" for discussion out of a dozen paragraphs discussing about how the systemic violence against African Americans makes LGBTQ African Americans extremely vulnerable is spectacularly missing the point. And it demonstrates one of the problems described in the article.

MZBradley, theology, and sex abuse Show more

MZBradley, theology, and sex abuse Show more

MZBradley, theology, and sex abuse Show more

When I was a kid, I ground up hill in the snow both ways for my cosmetic items.

I think "Back Door Santa" has jumped to the top of my list of inappropriate Christmas song:

"I'm not like old Saint Nick, he don't but come once a year."


I'm getting tired of this ad on Spotify that goes, "The most IMPORTANT thing for a MAN is his HAIR!"

Have I been mostly sheltered from fragile masculinity in advertising by being an early cord-cutter, or is this unusual?

I think a side-effect of writers failing to use simple and unambiguous language to describe LGBTQ characters in text is the infighting that develops between different interpretations of that text.

I'm kinda surprised at how little wank the coming out story on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is generating, maybe because the creators have left so little room for ambiguous interpretation?

Honestly, a chunk of my distaste for gender melodrama litfic comes from the abusive ex who bought into the truthiness of stories about people fated to the socioeconomic gods to perform their gender roles.

But, when I encounter it, like the aliens in "They're Made Out of Meat," youtu.be/IfPdhsP8XjI

Dumb idea of the day: Murderbot Christmas Special

Generated text:


"Ron was standing there and doing a kind of a frenzied tap dance. He saw Harry and immediately began to eat Hermione's family.

"Ron Ron's shirt was just as bad as Ron himself."