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CBrachyrhynchos @CBrachyrhynchos@mastodon.social

I like my coffee like I like my partners, stale, bitter, dark, and found at donut shops at 4 in the morning. (Not really.)

It's world goth day, which is totally my jam.

KEXP DJ just now: "Crafted from the tears of Robert Smith."

Linguistic prescriptivism is a primarily political theory that says the normalization of other forms such as emoji and hip-hop are bad because the continuity of culture depends on practicing traditional rules of grammar. Optionally, those traditional rules are argued to be more elegant, efficient, or logically sound than other rules.

bi vs. pan Show more

we finally did it. humanity's greatest accomplishment

Damn it ubuntu, all I really want is a photo browser I can point at an existing folder, that won't copy everything into its own folder, and that actually works.

Lovestruck paying homage to the greatest ass in DC comics?

Star Trek: The Spectre of the Gun: The one where the crew beam down onto the set of one of the dance scenes from Oklahoma.

At the LGBT center for weekend desk shift.