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On top of the frustration in trying to create working win 10 install media, gitea decided to stop accepting ssh.

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Bright Trailer youtube.com/watch?v=6EZCBSsBxk

Feels like Shadowrun without cyberspace or the Mayan prophesy.

Do you think the "fall from grace" is such a popular trope in fantasy because it's easier to say the ancient magics that created the artifact have been lost than to describe the artifacts being created? 🤔

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Discourse, cw: violence and rape. Show more

Discourse, cw: violence and rape. Show more

Discourse, cw: violence and rape. Show more

Pyre trailer: Really ambivalent about the vocal recordings in the trailer. But I'll probably pick it up just for Jen Zee.


Hu-mons on Star Trek say at the drop of a hat, "We used to ... in the 20th century. But we don't any more. We're better than that."

LGBTQ rights are desperately overdue for this treatment.

"Most Directors would have been content to use a large sound stage, but Kubrick insisted on shooting on location. One anonymous source, claiming to be a member of Kubrick’s film crew for the moon project, has claimed that the Director insisted on shooting on the Lunar surface “Because he wanted to get the light just right.”"


Hold up, whaaaaat?

Neko Atsume just added new cats, after all this time. New goodies too.

That's wild, given I only needed momentos from three of them to have a complete collection.

Skyrim Headcanon of the day: The theme song really is Super Chicken transcribed into Dragon.


“Schools have found that gender neutral private cubicles with open washing spaces reduce bullying and graffiti.”

— James Morton, interviewed in Pink News: pinknews.co.uk/2017/07/18/scot

#trans #nonbinary

Those signals would have been nearly impossible to fake from ground-based or low earth orbit transmitters.

One of my arguments against Apollo hoax conspiracy theories is that the United States and Hungary were doing Earth-Moon-Earth relay transmissions as early as 1946, followed by commercial users and amateurs in 1953.

So by the time we got to 1968, there were hundreds of independent radio operators around who could receive and confirm Apollo telemetry from the moon.

"With Bearly a Lady, I’m hoping to build on that canon. Zelda McCartney is a complicated character, for all that she might sometimes appear like an airhead. She’s been out for a long time; this isn’t a self-discovery story. Instead, the book, which goes into some dark places between the lines, interrogates the idea of expectations, labels, and toxic relationships."

-- whatever.scalzi.com/2017/07/19