Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays 

The one with the Ugg boots.

Star Trek: TOS: The Savage Curtain 

The one with Abraham Lincoln in a battle of good vs. evil.

Star Trek: TOS: The Cloud Minders 

Are we not men?

(It's the labor class episode.)

Star Trek: The Way to Eden 

The one with the guitar-playing hippy Tarantino anti-vaxer.

What I'd like from MCU: Doc Sampson (psychiatrist, gets his powers from radioactive hair), She-Hulk (lawyer cousin of Bruce Banner), and....

The Skrull Cows!

#StarTrek: TOS Requiem for Methuselah 

That time when we find out that Spock is a huge Johannes Brahms fan.

This is one of those episodes where "male character falls inexplicably in love with a woman in a matter of hours" is most awkward. Kirk's actions veer strongly into WTF the more lovestruck he gets, prompting Spock to step in. While the episode does have things to say about the emotional costs of immortality and love, it's not all that good at saying it.

Star Trek: TOS: Lights of Zetar 

That time when Scotty found out that his girlfriend is possessed by a homicidal psychedelic light show.

Star Trek: TOS "That Which Survives" 

The one with with the impossible planet defended by a creepy woman woman with fabulous eye makeup. She just needs to touch the male characters.

Remember folks, be sure to recycle your used military technology to prevent problems for the species that come after you!

Star Trek: TOS "The Mark of Gideon" 

The one with the creepy voyeurs in body suits, malthusian arguments for contraception rejected on religious grounds, attempted suicide by space measles, and a half-dozen jokes about how Spock is not a diplomat (and neither is Bones.)

The ending feels really disappointing, having established that Gideon is an overpopulated hell, Kirk saves the one-season love interest and resets the status quo.

Star Trek: TOS: Let That Be Your Final Battlefield 

The one with with an extended dialogue across an alien's "area."

Present to self. Shopping at second hand art supply for pencils and bag.

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