Anyone have any generic life advice they wish theyd gotten for the first few years out of college?

It is still unrealistic to expect everyone to migrate to other social media platforms besides birdsite, but at the very least Mastodon provides the satisfaction of scrolling without things like Actual Nazis

hoo boy theres like some weird angery people tootin now. Let people like things my dudes, it takes too much energy to be hyper vigilant about stuff that doesnt matter

Hey if youre looking for an easy and rewarding way to give to charity, check out the yogscast jingle jam! Pay a minimum of $35 and get like $900 worth of games. Check them out on humble bundle!

Plus, theyre streaming all December on their Twitch channel, check 'em out! Can provide links if needed :)

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probably best to assume nobody is who they say they are on mastodon until further notice :P

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"Why can't anyone pull the sword from the anvil, to be rightful ruler?"
"Nobody has a right to rule, only permission."

If a goblet exists, surely that means its a diminutive of a bigger, larger cup. A gob, perhaps.

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Being a Game Master for D&D is just making a million OCs and then playing out your headcanons buts its the actual canon except youre acting like a fanfic writer because thats the level of formal training you have

I ought to go to bed now. As I said before I fell down the rabbit hole (tootin' hole?), be excellent to each other.

That term was admittedly not my brightest moment

In a D&D game soon Im playing a wistful old monk with a Strength of 4 and I couldnt be more excited :)

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All right, lots of Opus Magnum gushing real quick, because I have been playing a lot of it. It's a puzzle game about alchemy and using machines to do it.

And by gushing I meant gifs. Here are a couple of my machines! The third one, Courage Potion, is just alcohol.

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Boost if you like boosting toots. Favorite if you like favoriting toots.

Come to mastadon, we have:

-no nazis
-many interestimg art bois
-nice cats
-no gorbage cheeto ppl

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