The new display-line-numbers-mode in 26.1 is great:
- supports relative line numbers
- supports right to left lines
- looks better
- is faster

@CIAvash only thing that is not great: when you overcome the width (ex. By default width is 3, so 1000 and more) it shifts the buffer content, rather than increasing the width for the whole buffer... this feels a bit hacky to me

@lthms By default it uses the minimum width needed. I think it is a feature. There is an option for what you want:
(setq display-line-numbers-width-start t)

@CIAvash thanks a lot! I changed the default width because this is the first option I found. Did you find some kind of documentation for the mode? I had to search in Github to find config files which already use it

@lthms Just take a look at its customize-group. You can directly change the setting there if you want to.
Another thing I should have added to the list is that it's very customizable.
M-x customize-group display-line-numbers

@CIAvash I didn’t kow about customize-group. Thanks a lot for the tips! (I have a lot to learn)

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