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One more time, we're gonna celebrate—Bootstrap 5 has officially arrived! New accordion and offcanvas components, no more jQuery, no more IE, RTL support, new utilities and utilities API, new examples, new docs, and so much more! blog.getbootstrap.com/2021/05/

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@pbx I was just making a joke that you won't know what the code does unless you know the type of x. I don't know Python and when I saw `*` used on a string variable I was surprised. And Python claims to go for clear and explicit code.
I am against using one operator doing multiple things, specially if there is no difference in infix/prefix...
The same goes for `+` operator in many languages, used both for adding numbers and concatenating strings.
That's one of the reasons I like Raku.

Clear and readable Python code:
x * y
You can't tell what it does, can you?

I was really surprised when I found out that Go has a `++` operator/statement. Why add an operator when you can write:
x = x + 1
What's mind-blowing is that you can even write:
x += 1
I thought I was joking until I saw github.com/golang/go/issues/21

My solution for

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Developers from all programming languages, I would appreciate your contribution to this problem: github.com/josevalim/nested-da - PRs welcome!

Mutability makes this easier. Therefore I am also curious about how different functional programming languages tackle this. Please RT!

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hmm, why aren't they using Matrix instead of Zoom?

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Right... So I really should give a talk.

I could revisit one I've done before or come up with something new. Hmmmm.

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با آرزوی پایان 🮐🮐🮐🮐🮐، تحریم و کرونا و طلوع سپیده و گشایش و سلامتی، نوروز ۱۴۰۰ بر شما خجسته باد.

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The Rakudo 2021.03 Compiler release is here! Check out the changes at: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/blob/
It includes support for space-delimited command line interface arguments, faster sorting, adds predicated wait for Lock::ConditionVariable and many fixes and improvements.

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I put the website I created a year ago for Raku under a domain name.
Persian: raku-lang.ir/
English: raku-lang.ir/en

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The missing piece to your sculpting workflow! @pablodp606@twitter.com is here to give you a first look at a completely new and innovative feature in Sculpt mode. 🔴 youtu.be/XT7h6lmE5bc

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My free tutorial series where I show how to use Retopoflow 3.1.0. by retopologizing an entire Lizard creature is released. Part 2-4 is around 25 minutes each.

Retopoflow is a Blender addon for retopology.


All links in the thread 1/2

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A discussion about what to do with old blog posts, a compiler point release, blog posts and the usual collection of goodies in this week's Rakudo Weekly News about the Raku Programming Language: rakudoweekly.blog/2021/03/01/2 Check it out!

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I understand if they don't want to add a feature because of performance or the time needed to implement it, but the phrasing in the second paragraph does not sound good to me

هر کی از مامانش قهر می‌کنه میره کارخونه‌ی تن ماهی میزنه.

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