@bb010g @flussence @codl There is a lot of misinformation in what flussence wrote. Some people wanted a rename and some wanted no change, as a result a compromise was made, an alias that can be used interchangeably with "Perl 6".

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Thought about the Gitlab situation a bit and came up with 4 solutions, none of them good:
- Move back to GitHub
- Continue using Gitlab (via proxy)
- Use a self-hosted solution
- Don't use anything

I was wondering why I can't access directly. Today I searched and found this note on about.gitlab.com/2018/07/19/gc
I guess I need to find a new place now!

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"Money doesn't interest me" - Creator of Blender talks about its future

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@lthms Just take a look at its customize-group. You can directly change the setting there if you want to.
Another thing I should have added to the list is that it's very customizable.
M-x customize-group display-line-numbers

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