The thing about Winston Churchill is some think he was a hero, some think he was a racist, and I think he was a piece of shit because he was one of the people behind the 1953 coup in Iran. Isn't that interesting?

WebService::TMDB - A Raku module for interfacing with

@chloekek I think Ubuntu had that feature, using the Alt key. I don't know if it still has it.

The new hCaptcha everyone is using doesn't work without JavaScript 😒


Blender 2.81 brings over a thousand fixes, a brand new sculpting workflow, support for , Open Image Denoise, OpenVDB Voxel remesh, library overrides, a better outliner, a new file browser, and much more.

Blender, made by you.


@bb010g @flussence @codl There is a lot of misinformation in what flussence wrote. Some people wanted a rename and some wanted no change, as a result a compromise was made, an alias that can be used interchangeably with "Perl 6".

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