Kansas aircraft companies fined for using illegal software

Article (screenshot shows already the entire article, it is pretty short):

FG-01 is the first tool that is aimed to defeat gait recognition

The aim of this project is to provide reliable, safe for the health and stylish solution.


Why PrivacyTools.io sucks

- No suggestions for Developers (it is not wanted)
- No/less iOS support
- Their double standards, one one side they allow only FOSS but still suggest Windows
- Popularity over usability (mostly only popular tools are listed and not the best)

3dfx Interactive plans a return after 20 years

The account is brand new and has no verified badge, so I dunno if that is real or not.


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3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later. Prepare for an major announcement regarding our return this Thursday!

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Vexperio – the fastest growing virtual tour platform in Germany


Updates 31.07.21

- Google Chrome 93.0.4577.18 Beta
- Wine 6.14 Beta
- LibreOffice 7.2.0 RC2
- Rocket.Chat Server 3.16.4
- Linux Kernel 5.13.7
- Linux Kernel 5.10.55
- Telegram Desktop 2.9.0
- Dropbox 128.3.2857 Beta
- Intel UHD & Iris Graphics

“Safari's buggy” is valid criticism. “Safari's behind Chrome in features” is not


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"Safari is buggy" is a valid criticism.

"Safari is behind Chrome in features" is not a valid criticism.

Never forget that the browser vendors, including Google and Apple, seized control of the web from the W3C. These few companies have too much power over the web, period.

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