You know you did it right when your regex bad-words filterlist looks like this... - One of it's kind, a non-profit ISP

Info why I share it:
This post is not sponsored or something I just found it and I find it interesting that there exist non-profit ISPs, I was not aware of any until now.



Bug chaining in Android MX Player to achieve code execution

1) receive shared data file from other device (wireless)
2) data file will exploit path traversal vulnerability
3) RCE of received file

PoC: via


Android 11: Release - 8. September

Why this date? I speculate and say because of Labor Day....

Snapdragon 865 Plus

- Adreno 650 + 10% more performance (on paper)
- Prime-Core (Cortex-A77) uses up to 3,1 GHz

My comment:
3 GHz phones?! Cool'io!


An Incoming call increases your speed? NO!

This is wrong because:
- Wifi and mobile network operate separate from each one another
- Other frequencies are not necessarily faster, the opposite "can" be the case

Company web names hijacked via outdated cloud DNS records

US security researcher Zach Edwards recently tweeted about finding 250 company website names that had been taken over by cybercriminals.


EvilDLL – Malicious DLL (Reverse Shell) Generator For DLL Hijacking.

Reverse TCP Port Forwarding using

Custom Port Forwarding option (LHOST,LPORT)

Example of DLL Hijacking included (Half-Life Launcher file)

Source Code:

Firefox Send offline due to malware distribution

Mozilla has taken his Firefox send offline. This is due to malware abuse of the file transfer. The service is being revised.


Asus released 10-GBit-Router with even more antenna

- ARM CPU 2,2 GHz
- RT-AX89X
- WPA-3 & 1024QAM
- 2x USB-A-3.2-Gen1
- 1 GByte RAM (welcome to 2020!)
- 4.800 Mbit/s
- 256 MByte Flash Memory
- Wi-Fi 6 mit 4x4 im 2,4-GHz

Product page:

GA104-based GPUs - RTX 3070 & 3070 Ti - First leaks

SKU0 GA104-400 PG141/142 GDDR6X/6 8GB 3072=3070Ti

SKU10 GA104-300 GDDR6 2944=3070



SKU0 GA104-400 PG141/142 GDDR6X/6 8GB 3072=3070Ti
SKU10 GA104-300 GDDR6 2944=3070


Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode

Automatically switches between the dark and light theme of Windows 10 at scheduled times.


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