Scammers are trying to sell "Tor Project Tokens." This scam has no relation to the Tor Project, and we are working to get rid of this account asap.

Stay safe!

Google Chromium, sans integration with Google

I think the site is new, I only know about the Woolys Ungoogled Chromium website, and his download page.

Website goes to Eleston, so I guess he created a new website for his binaries


The paper gives an deep insight what could happen next.

I at some point support that the mining madness should be regulated. But legitimate stuff like payment systems should not be affected by this which seems not to be the case.

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Is this the legacy of Microsoft

- Cringemojis celebrated
- No new and fresh ideas
- No balls to go new paths and ways
- Bringing back old stuff without any reason why that has a benefit for users
- Security stuff that might be important like a good Firewall GUI gets ignored

is not a good C replacement

I remember Linus said similar things when the tried it on the Linux Kernel. There are some things that C handles better without getting lots of runtime issues.


Realtek HD Audio (UAD) Drivers Version R2.8x (9268.1) WHQL (Fujitsu)


Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI/AMT) Version 2141.15.0.2511 WHQL Repack, I screwed the last thing up and no one noticed 2 missing files.


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