Access YouTube TV from the Roku YouTube App


An update for our Roku users: Today, we’re introducing a feature that gives you a new way to access YouTube TV from the YouTube app. This update will be available to YouTube TV members on Roku over the next few days, and will expand to as many devices as we can over time.


Aegis Authenticator - Two Factor (2FA) app for Android supports Icon packs and Androids own Backup System now

The new features are been rolled out once v2.x gets the final status.


Source Code:

Your ISP will block your DNS port (53) if you redirect traffic trough your Pi-Hole or Ad-Guard Home OUTSIDE your network

- Because DNS can be manipulate (easily) for e.g. DNS Amplification attacks
- DO NOT use your local Pi-Hole for your Smartphone if you're not at home

Steam's "anonymity" of the Steam Hardware Survey inspected, it leaks your local username/account

Original finding/article:

Bitmain has placed 5nm chip orders with TSMC, production slated to start in Q3

Article behind Digitimes PayWall:

Hardware boot selection switch

From the article:
"After a decade of dual-booting Linux, I got tired of waiting around to change the GRUB boot selection any time I wanted to boot Windows."


Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on Big Navi. HairWorks off vs. on with forced 16x tesselation by driver settings.


x86 CPUs world-wide market share for Q1/2021

- Desktop: No movement

- AMD gain big in 2020 at the overall market, driven mainly by console SoCs

- AMD gain as well big at servers, +1.8pp over last Q, +3.8pp YoY


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