If you're a member of and would like to speak with a moderator you can type "community moderator" into your search bar to bring up a list

@CM_chrismartin Nice trick :D You also show up when searching from other instances, but that just means we have to be mindful of domains :)

@CM_chrismartin That seems pretty easy to spoof. Is there any plan for some sort of formal instance verification feature? Don't wanna get all blue tick, but knowing who admins and mods are would be useful for many reasons.

@CM_chrismartin e.g. create an account with the name "community moderator"

@starhaze at the moment there aren't. very, very soon a list of moderators will be added to the bottom of the page and it will be always encouraged to double check there before messaging a moderator. somthing like this may or may not be implemented in the future as well.

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